Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair

Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair

Living in Houston, Texas where our summers and really most of the year runs from warm to hot and humid, having your air conditioning unit checked periodically is the most ideal thing to do.  There are many benefits or advantages to having your air conditioner maintenance and possibly repaired.


One big reason is your AC unit is generally under a warranty that tends to cover if anything big happens.  One of the stipulations of the warranty is to have your unit have an annual check up or preventative maintenance done on it.


This preventative maintenance is a great thing to do either way, best done during the early springtime.  Why you may ask?  Because having a HVAC specialist come out and take a look at your AC system can help prevent any bigger problems from happening if they are caught in the beginning stages.


This means that you can potentially save tons on full out repairs, save on your energy bill, improve the performance of your unit, as well as making it safer, and finally, giving it the lifespan it truly has.


Once you schedule your appointment and have a specialist such as Autumn Mechanical come out, the process of what they do can is a quick appointment compared to not scheduling this and ending up having to have a repair done.


The appointment consists of the specialist giving your outdoor part of your AC system a nice; good cleaning inside and out, this prevents a disruption in airflow.  From there they will check and make sure there are no leaks or signs of damage or potential damage that could happen.  Next they will make sure that your refrigerant levels and pressures are correct and do not need a recharge.  Finally make sure that everything is well lubricated as well.


Inside, the specialist will check and clean the evaporator coils, make sure there is no blockage, make sure everything else is nice and clean, and make sure everything is well lubricated.  From there they will make sure that your thermostat is correctly calibrated and communicating correctly with your unit.


The final stage is that your specialist may speak with you about any concerns or potential damage.  From there if there is a potential problem they will work with you on figuring out a solution they best recommend.


You can view this as a small step in taking care of your air conditioning system instead of taking that huge leap from it being fine to it being completely broke down in mid-July and have you and your family living in the unbearable heat of Texas.


You will find that you can help towards the preventative maintenance on your air conditioner.  Simply making sure that the batteries in your thermostat are fully charged and functional can go a long way.  Making sure that you are checking and changing your air filters on a regular bases.  This will help prevent any disruption in airflow throughout your home in the air duct system.


You can also go through your home and make sure that furniture or other items such as drapes or clothing are blocking none of your registers.  This will make sure that the air is circulating correctly in each room.  And finally, checking on your unit outside, making sure that there is nothing out there that is any closer than 3 feet that can prevent disruption in airflow.  Even dry leaves or grass clippings near or around your air conditioning system are not a good thing.


So to prevent you from ending up having to call and schedule a repair appointment in the middle of Texas’ hot and humid summer and potentially having to wait not only a day, but possible weeks for a specialist to come out, contact us and schedule your annual preventative maintenance appointment today.


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