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Proper AC Houston maintenance of your air conditioning system will prolong the life of your equipment and save you from unexpected, costly repairs. To help your air conditioner run as efficiently as possible and to save you money on electric bills, regular air conditioning tune ups are crucial. Before you turn on your system, let Autumn Mechanical make sure that your systems will be running at peak efficiency all year long with proper AC Houston maintenance.


Autumn Mechanical is one of the best ac companies in Houston, TX. Because we depend so heavily on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool when it gets hot, making sure that your air conditioning system works well for most homeowners. One of the best ways to keep your AC running well is routine inspection and maintenance. Call the AC Houston maintenance experts at Autumn Mechanical today if you’re interested in scheduling regular maintenance for your AC system. We have over 30 years of experience working with all kinds of air conditioning systems.

When our AC Houston technicians visit your home, they’ll thoroughly clean and inspect every component of your air conditioning system. This will allow them to detect small problems and issues before they become larger, more costly problems. This could also increase the life of your equipment.


If your air conditioner is not functioning properly or not at all, there a few things that you can do to troubleshoot and see if it is something simple that you can fix yourself before calling your trusted HVAC contractor and scheduling an appointment.

First thing first, check and make sure that a breaker did not trip or a fuse was blown.  Once you have checked that and it checks out ok, check your thermostat.  Make sure that you have it turned on and that it is set to cool.  If these are good, then check and make sure that there is a fully charged.  The last couple things that you can check if these check out are if your air filter needs to be changed or cleaned and if the drain where your evaporator coil is located is clogged.  If these all check out, the last step is making an appointment with your professional.

Everyone loves to try and save money wherever they can, and saving on your energy bill is right up there.  Your AC unit costs you almost half of your energy bill, but thankfully there is a way to cut back on this.  And it all revolves on how you manage and set up your thermostat.  

They say that even raising your thermostat up to around 78 degrees or higher when you leave the house and no one is home can help you save 6 to 8 percent on your energy bill.  Having a thermostat that you can program is very handy.  You are able to set it where it will automatically raise its temperature up to 78 degrees when everyone leaves for the day and then it lowers to the desired temperature that you wish about 30 minutes before anyone gets home.  If you do this, you will definitely see a drastic change in your energy bill.

When it comes to installing an air conditioning unit, depending on what type of unit you are wishing to install will depend on how simply and easy it is to install.  There are a couple different styles and types, central air conditioner, split system air conditioner, and window air conditioners.  Central AC units are most recommended to be installed by a professional due to the need of specialty tools and them having a wide knowledge base.

The most simple to install are window units where the most you may have to do is install a small dock for the bigger units to sit on outside of the window frame.  Then they just sit inside the window, plug it in, and you are set to go.

Split system units have a few more steps to install, but can easily be a DIY project.  Securing mounting the indoor unit to an appropriate wall location then drilling a hole in the wall for the piping about completes the indoor installation, but then there is the outdoor install.  The outdoor installation is nearly as simple by making sure the concrete platform the outdoor will set on is installed and level.  Then placing the outdoor unit on it, connect all electrical wires, securing all pipes, and then bleed the air and humidity from the refrigerant.  From there it is just tidying up by making sure that the joints of the piping are wrapped with insulating covering and tape, affix the pipe to the wall with clamps and sealing up the hole with expanding polyurethane foam.

When you see a HVAC contractor checking out the gauges, they are looking for the pressure or temperature.  When checking a refrigerant such as R-22, it needs to be at the temperature of 33 degrees, though we are unsure of the pressure, but if you check out the temperature and pressure chart it states that R-22 should have a pressure of 58.8 psi.

The chart itself is usually set up where the left hand side is temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and then on the right hand side it shows what the pressure levels should be for each refrigerant.  There are many different types of refrigerant depending on what kind of air conditioning system you are working on.

If your air conditioner stops working and your trusted HVAC contractor comes out and troubleshoots only to tell you that your compress is shot, you may want to seriously consider purchasing an entirely new system.  The cost to replace a compressor ranges between $2,000 all the way up to $3,000.  That can be over half the cost of a new, upgrade system that will end up being more efficient and a money saver.

You can find that the cost for the compressor itself can still be covered under your warranty, as long as you have stayed up to date with the annual preventative maintenance and it is not void.  But you will find that you yourself are still responsible for the labor to replace it, which can be $1,500 or more.  If this happens to you, sit down and consider your options with your spouse and trusted professional.  Figure out what the best decision is for you, and if needed, get a second opinion.

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Why Should I Hire a Trane Comfort Specialist

Why Should I Hire a Trane Comfort Specialist?

March 10, 2023

Not every HVAC company that works with Trane products has the honorary title of Trane Comfort Specialist. This is a title that is reserved for dealers who adhere to the highest standard of customer service, training, and industry expertise. Autumn Mechanical has worked hard to earn this title and prove to the communities they work in that they are prepared to offer the highest quality of craftsmanship and care. What can I expect when working with a dealer? Your HVAC dealer is there to help take the confusion out of heating and cooling by guiding you through every step of the way. These are the five general steps you can expect to follow as you start working with an HVAC dealer to find the perfect system for your home. Step 1: Submit a request To kick off the process of working with an HVAC dealer, you’ll need to submit a request. This can be done electronically in various places on the Trane residential website by using our contact a dealer form, or by calling our customer service number at 1-877-640-2497. Submitting a request lets us know you’re ready to begin the process of finding, replacing, or repairing your HVAC system. The information you provide online or over the phone will be sent to an independent Trane dealer in your area, who will then contact you to arrange a time to visit your home. Step 2: Assessment of needs After the initial request, the HVAC dealer will complete an assessment of your needs. This process can take place in person or over the phone. During this time, the dealer will get to know you and your lifestyle in order to find an HVAC system that fits your needs. The dealer will ask questions about the factors that are important to you […]

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How Do I Know When It Is Time to Replace My AC

How Do I Know When It Is Time to Replace My AC?

January 18, 2023

With spring just around the corner many home and business owners are making the choice to replace their HVAC units now to ensure they can maintain cool and comfortable temperatures in the following months. This may lead you to ask, “How Do I Know When It Is Time to Replace My AC?” 7 Signs to Know When Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacement You’re not getting cold air. Maybe it’s obvious, but when you’re not getting any cool air, there’s probably something wrong with your AC. From low Freon levels to a broken compressor, any number of issues could be a factor. Call in a professional, or if you have a home warranty with Select, make a claim. There’s no need to wait to beat the heat. If the repair is extensive, you may be looking at a replacement instead. The air flow isn’t all that great. So maybe you’re getting cool air throughout your home, but you’ve noticed that your AC isn’t pushing air out the way it used to. This could mean any number of things, including issues with your AC’s compressor or blocked/damaged vents. While it’s possible to have a professional manage these repairs, they can be quite expensive depending on your system’s age and the extent of the issue. When the costs get too high, you might want to consider the cost for a new unit. You’ve found moisture and leakage around the unit. While condensation around an air conditioner is normal, excessive leakage can represent a much larger problem. If you have an issue with a refrigerant leak or notice large pools of water around your AC unit, you may have a serious issue that need to be addressed right away. Leaking coolant can pose a health risk to you and your family, and excessive water […]

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How to Pick the Right Thermostat for Your Home

How to Pick the Right Thermostat for Your Home

December 13, 2022

Are you interested in upgrading your HVAC system but are unsure what smart thermostats offer your space? Read below to share this information shared from Trane’s website that explores the benefits and features smart thermostats include: How do smart thermostats work? You probably know thermostats monitor the temperature in your home and respond to programmed heating and cooling settings. But, how do they work? Essentially, a smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home, and oftentimes other variables like humidity, too, with any web-enabled device. That means, homeowners can easily manage the temperature in their home via an app on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Not only is this technology a faster and easier way to indoor comfort, but it can also save you money and energy, too. 5 benefits of a smart thermostat Here are five benefits of installing a smart thermostat, if you don’t already have one. Smart thermostats allow you to use the heating and cooling functionality when you need it most Your smart thermostat can be set for home occupancy and some can even learn your home occupancy trends so that it heats or cools depending on when people are in the home, or about to be in the home. This means that you no longer have to worry about the house being at a certain temperature while you are away. Smart thermostats are easy to ‘set and forget’ According to a survey from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 89% of respondents rarely or never used their programmable thermostats to set a weekday or weekend program. Not using the programmable feature on your thermostat can increase energy costs because you may be heating or cooling your home when it is not necessary. Smart thermostats are very easy to program with most featuring digital […]

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why your ac not working 1

Why Your AC Is Not Working

June 27, 2016

It is summertime in good old Houston, Texas, which brings not only heat but humidity too.  So the worse thing that can happen is your air conditioning system going on the fritz leaving you and your family sweltering.  If this happens to you, there are thankfully a few troubleshooting steps you can take to see if you can get it operating again.   First if your system is not working at all it is always important to check and make sure that your air conditioner is still receiving power, and the best way to check this is at the electrical panel or on your thermostat by making sure it is on.   If you find that your air conditioner is running, but is not blowing out air as cool as it usually does, try turning it completely off.  Then go and check your air and furnace filters to make sure that they are clean and not filled with dust and debris.   After this, check and make sure that on the part of the AC unit that is indoors, there is not ice or frost forming on the evaporator coils.  If this has happened, turn the power back on, but to fan only.  Be sure to clean out the condensation drain thoroughly.   If your AC system tends to turn off and back on periodically, you may need to make sure that your evaporator coils are clean and not being blocked by anything.  If they are dirty, clean them up, or if there is a blockage, be sure to remove it.   Then check and make sure that the outdoor part of your AC system is functioning properly.  If your air conditioning system still is not blowing out cool air, it is possible that your refrigerant is either low or […]

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which central ac system is best 1

Which Central AC System is the Best

June 27, 2016

Thinking about a new central air conditioning system or the one you have is beyond repairs and needing to replace it?  To make sure that you and your family are comfortable, it is always best to gain as much information possible.   What makes up an entire AC system is a condenser unit, a part that handles the air, and an evaporator coil, plus the ductwork system that the air blows through and distributes it throughout the house.   You traditionally find the condenser unit outside and then the evaporator and part that handles the air are located indoors.  The ductwork is set up throughout the house ending in different vents and registers in each room.   The basic rundown of how the AC unit work is that the air blows across the evaporator coil where refrigerant turns into a gas from a liquid by absorbing the heat from the air as well as the moisture.  From there it flows into the condenser and compressor in the outdoor unit where it releases the heat and turns back into a gas.   Then the air that is now heat free is now cool and is pushed back into the house and spread through the air duct system distributing the now cool air throughout the house, cooling the house till it reaches the temperature set on the thermostat.   Now that you have become familiar with the different parts of the central air conditioning unit, now is figuring out the size of unit you need and price range.  Along with this is finding out the features, warranty provided, energy efficiency, and much more.   Finding a unit that is energy efficient is nearly everyone’s top priority.  Energy costs have risen as and it does take quite a bit of energy to run […]

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when your ac freezes up 1

When Your AC Freezes Up

June 26, 2016

One of the worse things to every experience during a Houston, Texas hot, humid summer is finding a huge puddle surrounding the inside portion of your air conditioning system.  The first thought that flies through your head is how much will this cost or what did it have to happen on the hottest day of the summer?   There are a few ways that you can try to solve this issue yourself.  First part, is knowing what and why your air conditioning unit has frozen over.  It is the component, called the evaporator coil, that is in charge of transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside part of the air conditioning system.   There are two most common reasons as to why your evaporator coil has frozen over.  The first is airflow restriction, and the other insufficient refrigerant.  These affect your evaporator coil from working properly.  It causes condensation to form on it that eventually freezes over, thus creating its own icebox.   First thing that you need to do to unfreeze your evaporator coil is by turning your AC system completely off using your thermostat.  Do not try to thaw out the evaporator coil by turning the heat on and raising the temperature.  That will not work, but shutting it completely off.   Next you need to make sure that there is nothing blocking or preventing a consistent airflow to your air conditioner.  You simply just need to check both your furnace, air handler, and air filters.  Make sure that they are not dusty or filled with tons of debris.  Make sure that all of the registers throughout your home are open and not blocked by furniture or other items.   After that, it is always best to call a professional, like Autumn Mechanical right […]

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how your ac works in the summer image 1

How Your AC Works in The Summer

June 26, 2016

The one thing that most everyone looks forward to is summer.  Whether it be a child so that school is out, a couple whose have a vacation planned, or whatever the reason.  The one thing that most do not look forward to is sweating in the heat outside.  Summer brings sunshine skies, and that sun can definitely get hot real fast.   So what do we look forward to besides a cool glass of iced cold lemonade or sweet ice tea?  Having nice, cool air conditioning in our home.  We have definitely become spoiled since central air conditioning had been found, especially down here in Houston, Texas with our hot and humid months.   If you look at different AC units and systems, you will notice that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Though they may not always look the exact same, they function the same way.  How air conditioners have function is using simple science and putting it to work for us.   Air conditioning systems are set up to where they draw the hot air in your home out though most people figure that they push cold air in.  AC systems use the chemicals, which are also known as refrigerants that switch back and forth from liquid to gas.   What these refrigerants do is soak the heat from the home and bring it outside, and push cool air back into the home.  These refrigerants are most commonly R-410A and R-22.   There are three parts that make up an entire air conditioning system.  It’s a two-part system that uses these three parts to successfully bring cool air into your home.  The evaporator is found inside your home and the compressor and condenser are located in the unit outside your home.   What happens with […]

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are ac tune ups worth it 1

Are AC Tune Ups Worth It

June 26, 2016

Its springtime and you keep seeing everywhere how it is time for that annual tune-up or preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system.  When you see one of these you sit there and wonder do I actually need to have this done?   The answer is that though it is highly recommended by all professional HVAC specialists you do not have to have it done, but like most things in life, if you do not there are consequences that you will have to face if you do not have a tune-up.   One of these consequences is that it could void your warranty.  Most, if not all warranties require you to schedule your air conditioner tune-up or preventative maintenance and to do this once a year.   Have you ever had an issue with your AC system during the summer and tried to schedule an appointment with your trusted, local professional only to find out that they cannot come out for a few weeks?   This is because summertime is the busiest time of year for HVAC specialists because there are many people that thought they did not need their preventative maintenance and now are facing either repairing their AC unit or replacing it.   Now how does a preventative maintenance keep your air conditioning unit from breaking down or needing to replace it?  It does basically what its namesake is, it prevents most if not all issues from happening once that Spring, Texas super hot and humid summer arrives.   Once you get your scheduled preventative maintenance, your trusted, local professional will come out and begin.  What your specialist will do is on your outdoor unit they will open it up and give it a nice, good cleaning.  They then check and make sure nothing is broken or leaking […]

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