Home Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Home Air Conditioning Service Near Me

When you have your air conditioning system meltdown on you or need to be replaced during the hot, humid Houston, Texas summers, it is always important to find a reliable, trusted HVAC specialist.  Choosing the right specialist makes all the matter in the world with getting the full potential from your system.


When researching for a HVAC contractor, there are a couple places you can check out.  Angie’s List is a great website to check out and read reviews and ratings for local contractors in your area.  The grading scale runs from A to F as well as allowing customers to leave very detailed comments about their service.


Another place is checking out Air Conditioning Contractors of America, which is a non-profit organization, which helps customers find good, qualified contractors.


The final way is checking with neighbors, family members, and friends that you trust.  Find out whom they use, if their experience with the contractor was positive or negative, if the cost was overly priced or such.


There are a few things that you need to stay aware of when shopping around for HVAC contractors.  We will talk more about them through the rest of this article.


When you are calling around for estimates, it is normal for the contractor to need to come out and take a look at your AC system as well as the rest of the house before being able to give you an idea of pricing.  If you gain an estimate over the phone from someone you are calling to inquiry about, be wary.


Also, if they do happen to come out and do not properly survey your home, be wary too.  These are usually signs that they are either inexperienced or just trying to gain another customer.


If you are in need to replace your air conditioning unit, be sure that your contractor wants to replace it with an upgraded model, not one that nearly the same as the one you are replacing.  If this happens this is a red flag, and reconsider possibly getting another contractor.


For HVAC specialists, their trade, like most others, is an ever-learning experience.  Technology changes over the years and so does the process to be able to accommodate those changes.  So be wary of any contractor that constantly states that this is how they have done things for years.  You will want a contractor who is up to date and knowledgeable on the latest cutting edge technology for AC units.


One be thing is to always make sure that the contractor you are considering is licensed.  Due to handling gas lines as well as any plumbing and electrical, they must be experts in knowing about these which is what the license is for.


You can find out if they are licensed by checking with Contractors State License Board and you can find their license number on nearly all of their paperwork like their business cards or estimate paperwork.


When you are getting an estimate for any work being done on your air conditioning unit, always get it in writing.  Any HVAC contractor that is reputable will give you a written estimate as well as a verbal, thus making it legally binding.  Never take just a verbal estimate and then locking in the work.


Besides the two websites, Angie’s List and Air Conditioning Contractors of America that were mentioned earlier, another reliable place to check out reviews is Google itself.  Google does not filter out any of their reviews, which means it makes it very hard to write fake reviews.


And finally, it is always great to find a low, great deal but be careful with skimping on cost with your air conditioning system.  There are chances that going with a company that offers a lower budget could end up costing you in the long run.


Always be sure to do your research when looking for a reliable, trusted contractor.  There are many out there that give the reputable HVAC contractors a bad name by offering these low deals and end up not providing the quality service that a genuine contractor would.  Research thoroughly and be sure to go with your instincts.


Make sure to schedule your tune-up today to make sure your air conditioning system is functioning correctly and prevent an AC meltdown in the middle of Houston, Texas’ hot summers!  Contact us today.


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