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Air Conditioner Repair VS Replace

Air Conditioner Repair VS Replace

Staying up on your regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can help ensure that you get the full potential of your system, but there will come a time where you have a decision to make between replacing or repairing.  This is pretty crucial, especially here in Houston, Texas when the summers are so hot and humid that without proper air conditioning, it can be unbearable.


When you find yourself having to make the decision between repairing and replacing, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.


One of the top important things is to think of exactly how old your AC system is.  Generally, most systems will last between 15-20 years but only if they have been well cared for.  Meaning that their regular maintenance was kept up with.


Another factor that weights in the repair or replace is if your current air conditioning unit is energy efficient.  If it is not, it is always best to consider replacing the old system for a new one that is.  Doing so will help save you money on your energy bill each month.


When you look into purchasing an energy efficient air conditioning system, the pricing can range anywhere from $3,000 up to $7,000 just for the system.  Though you can save up to nearly 20 percent on your energy each and every month.


If your air conditioner is one that needs R-22, which is also known as Freon, and is low on it then seeing about upgrading your AC unit needs to be considered.  R-22 can be very expensive to replace going for $40 per pound or higher.


Also with R-22, leaks are common to happen and even the compressor giving out, which are all very pricey to fix or replace.  So when you consider the cost to fix the issue plus recharging the Freon, the cost may be equivalent to replacing your AC system.


There are a few other small details to take in, if you have noticed that your energy bill keeps on rising and you have done nothing differently nor has the weather been significantly different, this could be a sign to see about replacing your AC unit.


If you have had to have numerous repairs pretty recently for various reasons and it seems that you keep having issue after issue, it is more than likely time to consider replacing your unit.


If your air conditioning system has been operating properly, it has had little to no repairs, and then you may just need to have it repaired.  It kind of goes in hand with that saying of “it it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  If you do not need to replace your AC system, then do not replace it, just repair.


Always weigh the odds, if the total cost to repair the issues with your broken down AC system is almost the same price or more of just replacing it then you may seriously need to consider replacing the system.


It would be an investment and one that will help pay back in the long run with helping you save money on your energy bill.  If you have any questions, always feel free to contact a HVAC professional.


Make sure to schedule your tune-up today to make sure your air conditioning system is functioning correctly and prevent an AC meltdown in the middle of Spring, Texas’ hot summers!  Contact us today.



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