Full-Scope Trane Thermostats.

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Autumn Mechanical can help manage your thermostat, heating and cooling, with the installation of your smart devices, wherever you are. Trane Thermostats and controls can manage your energy use, adjusting indoor temperature, turn lights on and off, along with checking security cameras. These are more than just digital thermostats – they’re the central hub for your home or business.

Learn More About Thermostats and Controls

How reliable are Trane thermostats?

Across the board you will find one thing in common with all products that share the Trane brand name; they all stand out for their reliability and efficiency. This statement is true even when considering Trane thermostats. Air conditioning and heating units are complex pieces of equipment that require many parts to all work in unison, in order to properly control the temperature of your space- including your thermostat. The thermostat is one of the major components needed to be fully functional for your HVAC system to perform well for you. This is because your thermostat must have an accurate reading on the temperature of your space and must also be able to signal to your HVAC system when it needs to cool or heat your space.

At Autumn Mechanical, we care about our customers getting the best products for their money. This is the reason we have dedicated so much of our time and effort into training our staff to become Trane Certified Specialists. We know that when it comes to your unit’s thermostat, you deserve to have peace of mind knowing you can rely on it to do its job for you regardless of the weather or situation. If you need a new Trane thermostat or have concerns about your home’s cooling or heating system, contact Autumn Mechanical today.

How do Trane thermostats work?

Trane thermostats and controls give you the ability to manage your energy use, adjust temperature and humidity levels, turn on and off lights, lock and unlock doors and check your security cameras. With today’s technology, all of these things can be managed remotely through computers, tablets and most smart devices. Making them more than just thermostats, but centralized components of your home that you can rely on to help you stay on track and manage your energy usage. Additionally, Trane thermostats are more reliable and efficient than other brands, at reaching and maintaining desired temperatures in your home.

If you are looking to upgrade your commercial or residential HVAC system, contact the Trane Certified Specialist at Autumn Mechanical. We work closely with our customers to make sure they know all of their options before picking the perfect upgrades for their home. We know how important having control over your space’s climate is and want to help give you the best tools for the job. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your options for a new Trane thermostat.

At Autumn Mechanical we don’t just service Trane thermostats, we are the local experts. This is because at Autumn Mechanical we make it a point for our entire staff go through the required continued education needed to become Trane Certified Specialists. If you have a Trane air conditioning unit and are working with an HVAC company that is not Trane Certified, you are not getting the highest level of service for your job. Our professional Trane certified technicians work closely with Trane model air conditioners and heaters, making us stand out as leaders among our competitors.

If you are unsure if your commercial or residential HVAC system’s thermostat is in need of servicing, contact Autumn Mechanical today. We proudly offer our Trane thermostat services to the Greater Houston area. We believe in quality products that offer our clients longevity, so they can protect their investment for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about our thermostat services, contact us today.

Who sells Trane thermostats?

If your Trane air conditioning or heating unit is in need of a replacement thermostat, or you are looking to upgrade your thermostat to a more modern version, the highly trained and knowledgeable team at Autumn Mechanical can help. We have worked with Trane model HVAC units for decades, leading us to become the premiere Trane Certified Specialist of the Greater Houston area. We will come and examine your thermostat to determine if it is performing efficiently or if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Trane air conditioners and heaters are built to last, and so are their thermostats! Whenever you schedule regular maintenance for your unit from our team, we will not only ensure your unit is operating smoothly, we will also make sure it is working properly with your thermostat.

We closely examine every component of your space’s HVAC system. This includes ensuring your thermostat is performing optimally and properly with your unit. At the first sign of a problem, we will service your air conditioner and thermostat to avoid any major issues with your HVAC unit down the road. If you have not had your commercial or residential HVAC system tuned-up in the last year, you are overdue for regular maintenance. Contact Autumn Mechanical today to learn more about your options for improving your commercial or residential Trane thermostat.

Why buy a Trane thermostat?

Trane thermostats are industry leaders when it comes to efficiency and reliability. With over 100 years of perfecting their brand, it is easy to understand how Trane ranks at the top compared to competing brand names. With a focus on always improving their products, and continuously growing their services, Trane is the type of brand you can trust to be a solid investment in the future of your commercial or residential space. When you choose to go with a Trane thermostat you are choosing to work with high quality parts that have undergone rigorous testing to make it out of their facilities and to your space. A well functioning thermostat is incredibly important for your home’s HVAC system to be capable of reaching and maintaining a desired temperature.

If you are in need of a new Trane thermostat in your home or business, Autumn Mechanical can help. We have decades of experience servicing Trane HVAC systems and are prepared to diagnose any problem your unit may be experiencing. We understand how difficult it can be to occupy a space that does not have proper air control, especially in a climate like the one in Houston. Do not suffer through miserable temperatures without a fully functional air conditioning and heating unit. Instead, contact Autumn Mechanical to learn more about the options that work for your space today!