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Autumn Mechanical provides industry leading air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and refrigeration services in Houston, Dallas and surrounding areas.

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AC units in Houston are expected to cool our residential and commercial spaces throughout most of the year. Routine maintenance and taking care of problems as they come up will help your air conditioner run as efficiently as possible and to save you money on electric bills and breakdowns. If you notice a problem with your AC, let Autumn Mechanical inspect the system to make sure it is running at peak efficiency all year long with proper AC Unit Houston maintenance.

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Autumn Mechanical is one of the best ac unit repair companies in Houston, TX. Our team utilizes our experience and in-depth knowledge to keep our clients AC unit functioning without a hitch. One of the best ways to keep your AC unit running well is with normal maintenance. Call the AC Unit Houston maintenance experts at Autumn Mechanical today if you’re interested in scheduling regular maintenance for your AC system. We have over 30 years of experience working with all kinds of air conditioning units and are ready to solve your AC problems.

When our AC Unit Houston technicians visit your home, they’ll thoroughly clean and inspect every component of your air conditioning system. This will allow them to detect small problems and issues before they become larger, more costly problems. This could also increase the life of your equipment.

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The reason why an air conditioner would need to be vacuumed is because the refrigerant lines would need to be cleared after it has been installed or reinstalled due to repair.  What happens is that the refrigerant in the lines joins together with moisture that enters the lines and once the AC is turned back on, that moisture will freeze.  This clogs the lines and forces your unit to work much harder than it needs to in order to cool your home.  The only way to prevent this is to vacuum out the lines.

It is always best to leave this up to a trusted HVAC contractor as they have the correct equipment and able to handle hazardous materials.  If something is not working correctly with the equipment or during the process, they have the knowledge base to figure out how to troubleshoot it and solve the issue at hand.

When it comes to anything electrical, it is always recommended to allow a trained professional handle the job, though wiring your air conditioner can be a DIY project.  It is important to be aware and concern about your safety, and making sure that all the power to the unit is turned off before doing any work.

When looking for a legitimate source for a DIY wiring job on an AC unit, be sure to do your research. There are several steps to the process and making sure to follow each step accordingly can help guarantee the best results.  If anything is not wired correctly, that can cause major issues such as blowing a fuse, causing damage to parts of your system, or even yourself.  Be sure to be aware of and follow all safety needed guidelines.

Refilling, which is also known as recharging, your air conditioning unit is not generally something that is recommended as a DIY project.  It is very highly recommended to be done by a trusted and reputable HVAC contractor who not only has the needed knowledge, but also equipment to get the job done correctly.

Though it may seem like a very simple process, it can be very dangerous not only to your unit but to yourself as well, especially if it is not done properly.  The Environmental Protection Administration, or EPA, actually requires by law that in order to do this process you must have a professional certification.

When it comes to purchasing anything, whether it is a car, appliance, or some other type of high priced electronic everyone wishes to have the best.  So when it comes to either purchasing a new air conditioning system or replacing an old one, wanting the best for your money is a given.  The only thing is that unlike cell phones or cars, AC’s are different.

There are only about 6 different HVAC equipment manufacturers that all the different brands purchase parts from.  So choosing between a Carrier or Trane, if they have similar features does not make such a difference on which is better.  What makes the difference is finding a trusted and reputable HVAC contractor to install it.  If installed correctly, you will get the full potential of your system whereas if it is installed poorly, you can end up with some serious problems down the road.  So be sure to really research more on your contractor than the brand you purchase.

Purchasing Freon, or R-22 which it is known as in the air conditioning world, is being phased out.  This means that less people are actually selling it that leads to it being hard to find and the cost being high.  They have found that R-22 is harmful to our ozone and have come up with a new refrigerant, R410A, which is also known as Puron.  It is a much more environmental friendly blend that is being used in the more updated AC systems.

It is highly recommended by most trusted and reputable HVAC contractor that if you have an old system that takes the R-22 that you consider upgrading to a newer, more efficient unit that uses R410A instead.  They are saying by 2020, all units with Freon will be phased out.  So if you have an AC that runs on R-22 and find that you have a leak or some major repair needs to be done, it might be best to consider upgrading to a newer unit.

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