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In Houston, we rely heavily on our air conditioning systems throughout most of the year which can decrease the life expectancy of your unit without proper maintenance. To help your air conditioner in Houston run as efficiently as possible and to save you money on electric bills, regular air conditioning tune ups are crucial. Before you turn on your system, let Autumn Mechanical make sure that your systems will be running at peak efficiency all year long with routine maintenance.

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Autumn Mechanical is one of the best air conditioner companies in Houston, TX. In our climate, we depend so heavily on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool when it gets hot, making it vital that your air conditioning system works well for most homeowners. One of the best ways to keep your AC running well is routine inspection and maintenance. Call the air conditioner Houston maintenance experts at Autumn Mechanical today if you’re interested in scheduling regular maintenance for your AC system. We have over 30 years of experience working with all kinds of air conditioning systems.

When our air conditioner technicians in Houston visit your home, they’ll thoroughly clean and inspect every component of your air conditioning system. This will allow them to detect small problems and issues before they become larger, more costly problems. This could also increase the life of your equipment.

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There are several things that can happen to your air conditioning system, which one of the reasons why it is always recommended to schedule an appointment with a trusted and reputable HVAC contractor.  Sometimes it is not always easy to figure out just exactly what the issue maybe, but they are trained professionals that have the knowledge base to troubleshoot your AC.

Some of the most common problems are things such as improper operation, faulty installation, inadequate maintenance, and poor service procedures.  AC manufacturers usually make very high quality products, so if the system starts acting faulty it potentially could not even be the system itself.  This is not meaning that it could not actually be the system, but there may be other issues that such as the ones listed above that are not the system itself.

Imagine your 15-year-old AC unit stopped running or is running strangely and you have had to schedule an appointment to troubleshoot it.  Then when your trusted HVAC contractor comes he tells you that you got two options.  One is to repair it, though he cannot promise that this will solve the problem or it is just a “band-aid” or you can replace the entire unit with an upgrade version.  The difference is $500 to repair with no guarantee or around $6000 to replace it.  What do you do?

There is a trick that most professional abide by, and that’s the 5,000 rule.  This is where you take the age of your unit and multiple it by the cost of repairs, if that total is more than $5,000 than its times to consider replacing the old unit.  For example, the repairs cost $500, multiply that by 15 since it is 15 years old and you get $7,500.  That is more than $5,000 and is recommended to be considered to be replaced.

When in search of a new AC system, there is always a lot to consider and it is not a decision made lightly.  Especially once you start comparing the features and costs of the different units.  It gets even more stressful when it is an expensive purchase that was unplanned and one that needs to be done as soon as possible.  The great news is that when you are deciding on just which unit is best for you and your family we can easily say that choosing between a Lennox and a Trane, who have nearly exactly the same features you are considering, that it does not really matter which you choose.

Both are great and loyal brands, and 2 of the 3 brands that require HVAC contractors to be certified in order to install them.  What is important is your contractor installing it.  One way to determine if you will get the full potential of the AC’s lifespan and capabilities is on how it is installed.  If installed incorrectly you can expect problems and a shortened lifespan for the unit, but if it is installed correctly, as long as you keep up with regular maintenance, you can expect its full potential.  So when choosing and considering different contractors, make sure to do your research and ask around.  Be sure that the one you choose is reputable and is also licensed and insured.

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to servicing your AC is how often it should be serviced?  It is recommended by all HVAC contractors and usually required by most warranties to have your unit serviced once a year, usually in the early spring time.  In order to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the hot and humid summer, your system needs to a nice and thorough cleaning and light service.

It is important to have this annual maintenance done as it is a preventative against any potential problems or issues that could happen sometime through the rest of the year.  It is just like you getting a physical once a year, making sure there are no problems or potential problems that you cannot see or feel in your body.  Your chosen professional with clean up your system, look it over making sure that there are no potential problems, and make sure that everything is well lubricated so that you get the full potential it offers.  It is always best not to miss scheduling this important service, even if you do not have any problems.

When it comes to cleaning your AC, it is highly recommended to have a trusted and reputable HVAC contractor come out.  One of the best reasons is that they do more than just clean your system.  They go through and check to make sure that there are no potential issues or problems and makes sure that everything is running in top condition.  That is all included in the annual preventative maintenance that is recommended by contractors and usually required by most warranties, which if they are not done can void the warranty.

There are a few things that you can do to help maintenance and clean your system.  Checking the air filter and making sure it is changed our regularly is one of the ways.  Going through your home and making sure that all vents and registers are not blocked by anything is another.  Making sure that your thermostat has a fully charged battery and making sure that the drain where the evaporator coil is not clogged is a couple more.  Just remember that professionals are trained to help maintenance your system, and scheduling an appointment to have that done is worth the small cost if they catch a problem that could have cost you even more down the road.

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