Signs your Air Conditioning needs to Be Replaced

Signs your Air Conditioning to Be Replaced

In our country’s history, Memorial Day is usually the official start of summer. During this time many homeowners have a list of items they need to for the summer.  Invariably studies have shown homeowners across the country have shared one of the summer’s greatest fear has to replace their air conditioning systems.


Houston summers are extremely hot and humid.  A working Air Conditioning (AC) system is important to your family’s health and well-being.  Our summers here get hot, and a working air conditioner is important to your family’s health and wellbeing. If you monitor the performance of your unit you may avoid having to replace it.  However, some units are not repairable.  It is always productive to learn the signs that your AC needs repair.  This could save thousands in a costly repair or replacement


Limited Air Flow –malfunctioning blower.  This can easily happen if the unit is more than ten years old.  Air Conditioning parts are just as old as the units.


Rising Electric Bills – Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, but a loss in efficiency due to the age of the unit will cause high electric bills. Older units have duct leaks and failing parts like motors and capacitors.


Increase Repairs – After 10 or more years of useful parts, efficiency, and functionality ages and wears.  If you’re experiencing persistent repairs, it’s time to start weighing repairs versus replacement.


Unit Making Loud Noises –If your unit is making a high-pitched squealing noise, the issue is usually the belt connecting to the motor, the blower has slipped, or the bearings on you condenser fan has slipped.


Thermostat misreads – If your thermostat was purchase with your unit more than 10 years ago, it’s more than likely it will malfunction due to age as well.


Unit more than ten years old – After 10 years of usage and air conditioning systems starts to break down.  One year the solenoid is replaced.  Six months later it’s the compressor and the list goes on.  Sounds like your old unit and your bank account need a rest.



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