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Best New Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Best New Air Conditioning Near Me

As summer approaches, homeowners in need of new Air Conditioning (AC) grapple with the list of various companies advertising to save the most money with the best air conditioners.  It’s important to remember that not all AC units do the same.  With respect to savings, AC companies will boast of the best pricing.  However, each homeowner has specific needs in terms of the size of their home, levels of efficiency and most importantly, how much are they willing to invest.


During spring and summer AC companies offer a variety of savings.  Many will offer free installation; throw in a thermostat and free financing.  As savvy homeowners do their research, studies have shown the most important issues for the homeowner is reliability, the longevity of the system, efficiency and the reputation of the company installing the unit. Here are some important factors when selecting the best air conditioning system for your home.

The size of your air conditioning system is based on the square footage of your home.  The AC industry measures cooling by BTUs; known in the industry as British Thermal Unit (Btu), which is the international measure of energy. In the AC industry, Btu’s measure the quantity of heat an air conditioning unit can remove from a room per square feet per hour. The amount of BTUs translates in the size of the ac unit. The size and capacity for cooling of an AC unit is measured by tons.  Since we know BTUs measure need for cooling by the square foot, we can safely figure out the tonnage required.


For example, 12,000 BTUs equal cooling 600 square feet. It also equals one ton of cooling capacity of an AC unit.  If your home is an average of 2400 square feet then we know a 4-ton air conditioner is required to cool your home. Please note, it is not recommended that homeowners do the calculations themselves.  As this example is a simple version of a much more technical calculation an Air Conditioning contractor would do.  Contractors who bid on your job should calculate required cooling capacity by using a recognized method such as one found in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) Residential Load Calculation. A good AC company will do the calculations and explain every step to the homeowner.


In addition to size, homeowners should rate efficiency. Energy efficient ACs is listed with the “Energy Star” symbol that is backed by the government. This symbol represents any and all items deemed to provide the best source for energy efficiency, which ultimately saves you on energy costs.  Never buy a unit that doesn’t provide the rating as there is no guarantee the unit meets the government standards of efficiency.  Your energy bills will definitely determine if the unit provides efficiency.  However, it’s never wise to make your decision on an AC unit after you’ve purchased it. 


Moreover, choose a unit from a company that can provide a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to control your cooling costs.  Additionally, if you’re replacing your AC unit never assume that the same size of your old unit is going to do the job. Your contractor will determine if you need a larger size or one with different features to accommodate your present home and lifestyle.


Another important factor is the company you choose.  Do your homework in this area.  Find a contractor with an impeccable reputation for service.  Always check their Google ratings for every issue that concerns you.  The Google ratings are people who have used the company and will express their experiences.  Check for company responses to all Google ratings.  This will let you know if the company is responsive, knowledgeable and caring.


If you’re in Houston or one of the surrounding areas, Autumn Mechanical is the best company for new air conditioning in Houston.  Autumn Mechanical has served customers in Houston and surrounding areas, with an impeccable reputation for service, pricing, maintenance with qualified technicians to get the job done right the first time.  Autumn Mechanical has decades of experience in Air Conditioning.  Their expertise can save you thousands of dollars in choosing the perfect AC system for your home. Autumn Mechanical has incredible rates on Trane Air Conditioning (The Unstoppable Brand) with pricing plans to fit any homeowner’s budget.  Contact Autumn Air today.   



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