Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity

Many people just assume that air conditioners work by blowing cool air into your home or business. While it makes sense that someone who has no knowledge of HVAC systems would believe this, it is just not the case. AIt conditioners actually work by taking in air in your space, and removing the heat and humidity, while also cooling the air. Air conditioners are able to successfully remove the heat and moisture from your space by sending the air through the refrigerant system. Refrigerant works by absorbing and releasing heat from the air because it is able to effortlessly change from a liquid to a gas and back again, this which will help the heat transfer be successful. While this is how your AC works to eliminate the heat in your air, the moisture is filtered out in a different way. One of the quickest ways home and business owners are able to identify that there is an issue with their system is when they feel an excessive amount of humidity in their space. If you notice you have too much moisture in your air or are unable to get the temperature in your space low enough to enjoy, the team at Autumn Mechanical in West University Place, TX are here to help you!


Each cycle that your air conditioner completes will be reliant on condensation in order to cool your air. Your air conditioner will have something known as an evaporator coil inside of it. Directly below this evaporator coil will be a condensate pan. This is there to assist the evaporator coil which will condensate and produce water vapor. This is done by blowing the hot air from your home in a pathway that leads it over the cool evaporator coil. The cool coil takes the moisture from the indoor air, removing it and draining it from your home.


Removing Humidity Matters

Humidity does more than make the air feel moist, it also holds onto heat. If you have an excessive amount of humidity in your space, your air conditioner may struggle to remove it properly if it is not operating at maximum efficiency. It is important to have an air conditioner you can rely on to fully remove the moisture from your home or business because humidity can lead to moisture damage, such as the development of mold and mildew. Contact Autumn Mechanical in West University Place, TX for all of your air conditioning needs.


Air Conditioning Repair in West University Place, TX

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