Why Do Air Conditioner Leak Water?

Why Do Air Conditioners Leak Water

A common issue we see in commercial and residential air conditioners alike is, water forming and leaking from a unit. To understand the causes for a leak, let’s explore how your AC works. Inside of your air conditioner, there is an evaporator coil that is responsible for cooling warm air that is blown above it. Whenever this warm air glides across the coil, condensation will form on the coil, similar to the condensation you see on a glass containing a cool drink. Whenever the moisture develops, it will begin to drip from the coil down into a drain pan that leads to a condensate drain.


Listed below are some of the top reasons you may be experiencing a water leak from your commercial or residential air conditioning system:


Obstructed Condensate Drain: Whenever the water that condensates from your evaporator coil begins to drip into the condensate pan, it will need somewhere to go. If your drain becomes clogged, the water will have nowhere to drain and can cause a leak in your space. These condensate drains can become clogged with everything from dust to mold. If you have an air conditioning leak in your home or business, the HVAC experts at Autumn Mechanical in West University Place, TX can help you.


You Need A New Drain Pan : Over time, drain pans may become damaged, which may make it too difficult for them to perform their job properly. If your air conditioner is over 8 years old, there is a good chance you will need to replace your drain pan in order for it to work effectively. These pans are often rusted all the way through, making it impossible to contain the water.


Dysfunctional Condensate Pump: If you have a condensate pump in your space that is failing to work properly, you may experience a leak from your air conditioner. The air conditioning repair professionals at Autumn Mechanical in West University Place, TX are here to help you. At the first sign of a leak coming from your air conditioner, contact us and schedule an appointment for repair.


You Need To Replace Your Air Filter: Whenever an air filter has been overused, it will become clogged. When air cannot freely flow through the air filter, the evaporating coil may become too cold and freeze. Whenever the frozen water begins to melt, it can cause an excessive amount of moisture, which may be too much for your air conditioning system to handle. In order to avoid this problem, you should replace your air conditioner’s air filter once every 3 months minimum. If you have an issue with your AC, contact Autumn Mechanical in West University Place, TX today.


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