What Should I Do If My AC Isn’t Blowing Cool Air?

What Should I Do If My Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Cool Air

The blistering heat of summer can lead to extreme conditions in a subtropical climate, such as the one in Spring, TX. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck with a dysfunctional or broken down air conditioning system in their home during the hottest season of the year. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, air conditioning problems seem to happen at the worst time. A common issue we see with residential and commercial air conditioning systems is having an AC that seems to be running normally, but is failing to circulate cool air. There are many different reasons why your air conditioner may be circulating warm air in your space. Listed below are some of the top causes for your air conditioner to stop blowing cool air in your home or business:


Thermostat Error: In some cases, when your air conditioner appears to be running without strange noises or other signs of an error, but is not cooling the air it is putting out, the issue may be your thermostat. It could be as simple as a low battery, causing the dysfunction or may be that you need to replace the thermostat all together. Sometimes these devices become outdated and are unable to properly gauge the temperature in your space. Whenever it is unable to determine what temperature your home is, the thermostat will be unable to tell when it needs to cool down your space.


Debris and Buildup On Outside Unit: Whenever leaves, trash, grime, or other debris covers the condenser in your outdoor unit, it may prevent your air conditioner from producing cool air to circulate in your home. If your outdoor unit appears to have no obstructions on the outside, this does not mean there is no buildup on the inside of the unit. Contact the professional HVAC team at Autumn Mechanical in Spring, TX to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help restore cool air to your residential or commercial space.


Time For A New Air Filter: An often overlooked, yet highly important, component of our air conditioning systems is the air filter. These filters are used to remove pollutants and particles from the air that circulates in your space. Whenever your filter is dirty, it can make it difficult for the air to push through it and into your space. Additionally, a dirty filter can trap the cool air and cause your evaporator coil to freeze over. Whenever this happens, it will prevent any cool air from going into your home. Contact our team at the first sign of an issue with your air conditioning system.


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