Is Warm Air Leaking In?

Is Warm Air Leaking In

The warm seasons in Spring, TX, can deliver blistering and unwelcoming heat. Home and business owners rely on their air conditioning systems in order to provide them with the cooling comfort they need to live comfortably through these extreme conditions. Having a well functioning air conditioner can go a long way to helping keep these spaces climate controlled through even the hottest of days, but what if the cool air your system is creating and dispersing into your building is not being locked inside? What if your home has unsealed windows or doors, or even holes in the attic? Will your air conditioner still be able to perform the task of keeping your space cool? The answer is, even if your unit is capable of overcoming a leak that lets warm air in and manages to cool your space, it still will require more money and energy usage to complete the same task.


Whenever you let hot air into your home or business, your air conditioning unit will become overwhelmed with the task of trying to keep your space cool. This will put strain on your system, leading to more repairs and services required to maintain it- and can potentially shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. This means not only will you see an increase in your electric bill, you will also see a smaller return on the value of your air conditioning system in general. So, how do you detect a warm air leak in your home? Luckily, the air conditioning and HVAC professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Spring, TX have decades of experience helping homeowners keep their AC operating as efficiently as possible- this includes ensuring the environment they are kept in is conducive to keeping the cool air trapped inside and the hot air outside.


Listed below are some of the main areas that may lead to a hot air leakage into your residential or commercial property:


Wiring Holes

Plumbing Ventilation 

Windows and Doors




If you have reason to suspect that there may be a warm air leak coming into your home, contact the HVAC professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Spring, TX. Our team provides comprehensive air conditioning and heating services that will not break your budget. From air duct repairs and new unit installations, to locating and correcting leaks in your home, our team can help you! Schedule an appointment with our team today to get the most out of your air conditioning system.


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