What Air Conditioning Temperature Is Best?

What Air Conditioning Temperature Is Best

With summer around the corner, many residents in Katy, TX are already dreading the high costs associated with keeping their homes and businesses cool and comfortable. The more frequently you are running your air conditioning system, the higher your electricity bill is going to be. With smart planning, you may be able to get by using less air conditioning and cutting costs, while still maintaining a cool and comfortable space.


When trying to find the perfect temperature for your space, you may have to experiment with trial and error to find your household or business’s sweet spot. Air conditioning costs can be difficult to track but a good rule of thumb is that each degree you set the temperature lower will cost you about a 3 percent increase on your electricity bill. Make sure you are planning carefully and monitoring your temperature to avoid being bombarded with a massive electricity bill.


When trying to determine the best temperature to set your air conditioning system, you will want to take two factors into consideration: the costs of your electricity bill and the comfort of your space. If you care more about the costs of your electricity bill you will want to keep your home set at a higher temperature. However, if your focus is more on the comfort of your space, a lower temperature may suit your needs better. It can be hard to choose which of these factors mean more to you, however, there are some steps you can take in order to try to find a comfortable balance between the two.


Having a thermostat that gives you the ability to set a schedule for the temperature in your home will make it easier to control the temperature in your space and also the overall costs associated with running your air conditioner. These days, many smart thermostats come with apps that allow you to adjust your temperature from anywhere. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to keeping your temperature higher while you are away. A higher temperature when you are away from your home or business will help reduce the costs of your electricity bill without affecting your comfort. If you are interested in upgrading your air conditioning systems thermostat, the professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Katy, TX can help you! Our team of HVAC professionals are here to bring you ultimate climate control.


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