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How Air Conditioning Changed The World

How Air Conditioning Changed The World

A lot of us fail to appreciate the convenience of our air conditioning system, until something goes wrong and we are without it. In a climate as hot and humid as Katy, TX, having a fully functioning air conditioning unit is important to protect against heat waves and blistering summer temperatures. Life before air conditioning came with many more risks, to our health and our homes. For most of us, we have been alive since air conditioners were common in homes and businesses but it wasn’t too long ago that these helpful appliances were rare to find. In fact, while the air conditioner was invented in 1902, it did not make it to the mainstream until the ‘60s and ‘70s. While in cooler climates fans and open windows could help control the comfort in homes and businesses, those in the south suffered through long summers.


Air conditioners were actually invented as a way to help control the humidity in the printing room of a large publishing company. This company hired an electrical engineer and asked for him to help bring climate control to their space in order to keep the ink they were printing on paper from smearing and the size of the paper they were printing on from expanding and shrinking. The inconsistencies made it difficult to do their job and was costing too much money for reprints.


It would be another six decades before these climate controlling appliances would become affordable for household and small business owners. Air conditioners before the 1960s were very large, noisy, expensive, and difficult to operate. Air conditioning systems were mostly found in large buildings, like hospitals, museums, movie theaters, and more.


Air Conditioning Changed The World

Not only has air conditioning helped bring comfort to our lives, it also has given us spaces protected from the elements, to live, create, heal, and more. Air conditioning helps promote health and makes things possible that otherwise would not be. Since the widespread accessibility of air conditioning in our homes and businesses, there has been a dramatic drop in heat-related deaths. The impact air conditioning has had on our environment is often brought up as an argument against the good air conditioning has brought into our lives. It is easy to see the severe decline of heat related deaths and heat related damages to property outweigh the bad. If you have an air conditioning system in your home or business that needs a tune up or repair, contact Autumn Mechanical in Katy, TX today.


Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX

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