Are Air Conditioning Units Bad For The Environment?

Are Air Conditioning Units Bad For The Environment

Air conditioners are popular appliances used to maintain comfortable temperatures in commercial and residential spaces. In order for these appliances to provide us with total climate control in our home and businesses, they must use energy. On a wide scale, communities are coming together to find energy efficient solutions in order to minimize the environmental impact caused from energy usage. Listed below are some of the main ways you can help reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact caused by your air conditioner:


Choose An Energy Star-Certified Unit: It is no secret that air conditioning units can easily use lots of energy, especially in subtropical climates, such as the one in Briarpark Houston. Selecting an energy-star certified unit will greatly increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, helping to reduce the amount of energy needed in order to provide cool air to your home or business. Contact Autumn Mechanical today to learn more about the energy efficient options for commercial and residential air conditioning units.


Getting The Right Sized Unit For Your Space: There are a wide variety of air conditioning units available on the market today. The variance between models can be high, making it important that you know the specific needs of your space. You will want to buy an air conditioning system for your space that is not too big or too small, in order to get efficient cooling that provides you with comfortable climate control.


Use Alternatives When It Makes Sense: In some cases, running a fan instead of your air conditioner may provide you with the same level of comfort. Experiment with different options for your space to determine when an air conditioner is required.


Set Your Temperature Higher: Whenever you leave your home or business for extended periods of time, setting your thermostat to a higher temperature can help to greatly reduce the energy used by your AC. It is important not to let your space get too warm because then the amount of energy used to bring it all the way back down may end up exerting more energy than if you would have just left it low. Adjusting your thermostat somewhere between 3-5 degrees warmer than your usual setting will be a small enough change that the energy savings will help reduce your environmental impact.


If you are interested in doing what you can to cut energy usage and reduce the costs of your electricity bill, an energy efficient model can help you. Contact the team at Autumn Mechanical in Briarpark Houston, to learn more about the air conditioning units available for your space.


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