Are Air Conditioning Filters Made of Fiberglass?

Are Air Conditioning Filters Made of Fiberglass

Why Do We Use Air Filters?

Air filters most often are either made of spun fiberglass material, or less commonly, pleated paper or cloth. These lightweight filters are framed in cardboard in order to keep their shape and fit into your space properly. We use air filters in our homes and businesses in order to help promote the quality of air that circulates through your home or business from your HVAC system. Air filters are able to trap and hold many different types of particulate and contaminants that may affect your health and comfort, including but not limited to:







-Textile fibers



-Animal Fur


Air filtration occurs when air is sucked into the HVAC equipment to be conditioned and then distributed throughout the space again. The air is forced to push through the filter, and the fiberglass or pleated material removes particulates and other contaminants that may be impacting the quality of your air.


In many homes and businesses, fiberglass air filters are used in order to help reduce pollutants in the air spread throughout the space. Fiberglass filters most often are 1 inch blue filters. These filters are inexpensive and can be found in most home repair and hardware shops, as well as many retail stores. These air filters are made of spun glass that is designed to capture large particles from the air circulating in your commercial or residential space. These air filters are not considered especially efficient and fall low on the MERV scale with an average rating coming in somewhere between 1 and 4. In some cases, a higher MERV scale may cause too much static for your space or may actually reduce efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Contact the professional HVAC technicians at Autumn Mechanical in Briarpark Houston, to learn more about your options for an air filter.


What Is The MERV Scale?

The MERV scale is the commonly known name for the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value scale. This scale is a measurement that has been around since the late 80s and was designed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The function of this scale is to help rank and report the effectiveness of different air filtration devices. The scale was designed in order to help promote improved health, reduced cost, and energy efficiency in HVAC systems. The MERV scale values range from 1 to 16, with higher numbers corresponding to greater filtration capabilities. A filter with a MERV scale rating of 16 will filter and capture more than 95% of particles that try to pass through.


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