How To Use Your Air Conditioner Efficiently in Houston TX

How To Use Your Air Conditioner Efficiently in Houston

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If you have spent any time in Texas, especially during the summer, then you already know how much we rely on our centralized air conditioning to survive the climate. While air conditioning in some regions may be looked at as a luxury for comfort, in Texas, it is a necessity. With summer temperatures soaring to the high 90s and beyond, not having a functional air conditioning system in your space can lead to many complications.


Specifically, in Houston, where the climate is not only hot but humid, the weather has the ability to negatively impact your home and health. Vulnerable groups, such as those who are elderly or ill, may have health complications that do not allow them to safely be exposed to the heat. Additionally, our homes were not designed to be in hot and humid climates without an efficient air conditioning system. High humidity and warm temperatures can cause your home to become damaged with warped wood and other forms of moisture based damages- including mold and mildew.


Unfortunately, many times the complications that come along with having a dysfunctional air conditioning unit can lead to more expensive and time consuming repairs than repairing or replacing your air conditioning unit would have in the first place. This makes it easy to see why having an efficient air conditioning unit that you can rely on is so important to those living in the Greater Houston area.


While keeping up with regular maintenance and tune-ups for your space’s air conditioning unit will be your best line of defense to keep your unit operating efficiently, there are other things you can do that can dramatically impact the efficiency of your unit. Listed below are tips for those who are looking to find out how to use your air conditioner efficiently in Houston:


Utilize Ceiling Fans: By using fans in the rooms of your space you are alleviating some of the stress off of your air conditioning system. While a fully functional and tuned-up air conditioning unit should be able to run long hours and often to keep your space cool, the addition of ceiling fans helps to spread the cool air around. Oftentimes, we find the main reason for keeping your air conditioning running at all times is due to poor circulation. If you find some rooms are cooler than others, ceiling fans can help to spread the cool air around your space and keep you comfortable. Additionally, poorly planned air ducts can lead to discomfort as well as overuse of air conditioning which can become expensive, especially during the summer months. If you think your home can benefit from rerouting for your air flow, contact the air conditioning experts at Autumn Mechanical today. We can come up with a solution for your space that helps keep you comfortable and your cooling costs as low as possible during these summer months.


Regular Air Filter Replacement: Whenever your air filter becomes clogged up with dust and debris, it will block the flow of air throughout your space. Whenever this happens, you are running the risk of overworking your unit to get the desired result. Regularly air filter replacement is a great and affordable way to maximize the efficiency of your space’s air conditioning unit.


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