How Does Summer Heat Affect Air Conditioners in Houston TX

How Does Summer Heat Affect Air Conditioners in Houston TX

Living in Houston, we put our air conditioning units through more stress during the summer than in your average city. This is because we have extreme heat waves, and high humidity! Our climate causes us to leave our air conditioners running much longer hours, at lower temperatures- meaning they are being strained.


You may notice as the temperatures outside rise to their peak, your air conditioning unit may begin to slack- or make more noise than you are used to. This is because even if you have a quality unit, it will be battling the conditions around it, including humidity, to get the job of cooling your space done. If your air conditioning unit has not received a tune-up from Autumn Mechanical in the last six months, you may be overworking your unit. Whenever, you continue using your air conditioning unit when it is not at its peak performance condition, you have the potential to exaggerate problems within the unit. This is why some air conditioning units have full blown breakdowns before reaching full maturity. Avoid this by having regular check-ups on your unit, so that you can use your air conditioning unit for as long as you can.


Houston Heat

When you think about air conditioners, it is important to realize how they work. They are designed to provide a heat exchange. They do this by taking hot air out of your home and bringing it outside, as well as making the outside air cooler for the inside of your home. This means, on days with high levels of heat outside your air conditioning unit is literally having to do twice the work to maintain cool and comfortable temperatures inside of your space. Not only is there more heat coming into the home, which must be removed, but the air outdoors is also hotter, which makes it more difficult for your AC unit to block the heat.


Houston Humidity

Not only does heat affect how your AC performs on a hot summer day, but humidity plays a major role, too. An excessive humidity level, such as in Houston, means your AC will be working harder to get rid of that damp, clammy air. And if your AC unit doesn’t have the cooling capacity to handle it, you will feel the results on your skin.


The Equipment

Your air conditioning unit should be designed to properly filter the heat out of the air and hold up against the Houston summers. However, it is important to contact Autumn Mechanical to make sure you are up on your routine maintenance. This will help to avoid major breakdowns, and save you money in the long run. Make sure you air conditioning unit is working at its highest efficiency with the help of Autumn Mechanical today!


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