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Most Common Air Conditioning Problems in Houston

Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

While there are countless numbers of variables that go into explaining what can cause problems with a central air conditioning unit, there are a list of top causes that professional certified air conditioning technicians can agree are the main source of complaint. Below are a list of the top 4 problems we find with air conditioning units whenever we are called in for a repair service:


Faulty Wiring: Whenever you have an air conditioning unit that is installed by an uncertified contractor, you are putting yourself at risk. Not only will these contractors not have insurance in case they are injured, you also will have no one to hold accountable if your unit is not put in properly, or has early problems. Bad wiring can prevent your air conditioning system from receiving power, can trip the circuit, and even can be a fire hazard. Stick to the professionals at Autumn Mechanical for all of your HVAC needs to keep your investment and home safe!


Refrigerant Fluid Is Low: Refrigerant, also known as Freon, is the chemical that is responsible for cooling the air that passes through your air conditioning system. Whenever your unit has low or reduced levels of refrigerant, this is generally a sign or a leak or issue with the internal system. You may notice your home is not cooling to the same low temperatures it used to, even though it stays running at all times.


Outdoor Fan Dysfunctional: The fan outside is the part of your air conditioning unit that removes the heat from your home and pushes it outdoors. If the outdoor fan fails to fulfill its end of the bargain you will have heat trapped in your home, making it harder to reach cool temperatures.


Frozen Coil: If you have a coil that is frozen, this is a sign that you have an airflow problem. This may be due to restrictions caused by blocked air filters, obstructed air ductwork, or more.


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