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Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your AC

Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Your AC

Air conditioning units are not cheap investments. When properly cared for they can last you longer and provide you with higher quality performance. So why is it that so many of us neglect such an important appliance in our homes? Perhaps it is because we do not spend enough time discussing the most important ways to care for our air conditioning units. Below is a list of the biggest mistakes we see people making with their AC:


Neglecting The Air Filter: How often are you changing your central AC units filter? If you are not changing or cleaning your air conditioners filter, at a minimum, once every three months. If you live in a home where the air conditioner is constantly running, you should replace your filter once a month. Neglecting this important part of your home’s air conditioning system is a big NO! In addition to poor air flow, you may also end up causing your unit’s evaporator coil to freeze up!


You Are Skipping Your Tune Ups: Your air conditioning unit should be accessed and serviced, minimally, once a year. In most homes, a biannual service will be recommended, especially in a state like Texas, where our air conditioners get much more use than our heaters. Working with a trusted company, such as Autumn Mechanical, will go a long way to ensuring you are getting the most out of your air conditioner. Unit’s need to be serviced to not only prevent major problems down the road but to get all of the pieces clean and ready to work for you!


Not Utilizing Your Fans: Fans are an air conditioning units best friend! This is because the air conditioning unit provides your home with the cool air, and the fans are able to circulate that air. This helps to keep a more even flow of cold air in your space, allowing your air conditioner to not have to work as hard.


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