Why Should I Hire a Trane Comfort Specialist?

Why Should I Hire a Trane Comfort Specialist

Not every HVAC company that works with Trane products has the honorary title of Trane Comfort Specialist. This is a title that is reserved for dealers who adhere to the highest standard of customer service, training, and industry expertise. Autumn Mechanical has worked hard to earn this title and prove to the communities they work in that they are prepared to offer the highest quality of craftsmanship and care.

What can I expect when working with a dealer?

Your HVAC dealer is there to help take the confusion out of heating and cooling by guiding you through every step of the way. These are the five general steps you can expect to follow as you start working with an HVAC dealer to find the perfect system for your home.

Step 1: Submit a request

To kick off the process of working with an HVAC dealer, you’ll need to submit a request. This can be done electronically in various places on the Trane residential website by using our contact a dealer form, or by calling our customer service number at 1-877-640-2497. Submitting a request lets us know you’re ready to begin the process of finding, replacing, or repairing your HVAC system. The information you provide online or over the phone will be sent to an independent Trane dealer in your area, who will then contact you to arrange a time to visit your home.

Step 2: Assessment of needs

After the initial request, the HVAC dealer will complete an assessment of your needs. This process can take place in person or over the phone. During this time, the dealer will get to know you and your lifestyle in order to find an HVAC system that fits your needs. The dealer will ask questions about the factors that are important to you in your new system, such as energy efficiency, noise level, indoor air quality, and more. This is your opportunity to tell your dealer exactly what you want to end up with at the end of the purchasing process.

Step 3: Home review

Next, your dealer will conduct a home review. This is a lengthy process, usually lasting around two hours, that provides your dealer with the logistical information necessary to find an optimal system for your needs. During the home review, the dealer will determine a load calculation, which helps determine the best type and size HVAC system for your home, in order to maximize comfort and efficiency. The load calculation takes into account factors such as home square footage, heights of ceiling, number of home occupants, number of windows, and number of exterior doors. Beyond the load calculation, the dealer will also inspect your home’s installation and any existing ductwork.

Step 4: System recommendations

Once the dealer has assessed your needs and gathered logistical information, they’re now equipped to recommend systems for your home. Your HVAC dealer will provide several options for you to choose from, plus explain how each system works and why it could be a good fit for your home. Be sure to use this time to ask the dealer any questions you might have about the systems, pricing, local utility rebates that might be available in your area, and financing options.

Step 5: Purchase and installation

After you’ve decided on the perfect system for your home, your dealer will order your new Trane system. During this step is when you can work out a payment option, whether you want to pay outright or finance your system. Your dealer will schedule a date for system installation, as well as give you information about warranty options available.

Why should I work with an HVAC dealer?

A dealer can help demystify the complex world of HVAC. While you can do lots of research yourself to help determine your heating and cooling needs and preferences, an HVAC professional is an expert in the industry who can guide you toward the perfect system for you. Beyond that, an HVAC dealer has the knowledge and skills to expertly assess your home to decide logistical components, as well as capabilities to install, maintain, and troubleshoot your system in the future.

Affordable HVAC Services Near Me

Autumn Mechanical — formerly Autumn Air delivers a single-point resource for mechanical contracting and service. Based in Spring, TX, Autumn Mechanical specializes in HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration services. Serving customers in Houston, Dallas, and surrounding areas, our professional technicians serve with expertise and integrity.

With over 30 years of experience in the air conditioning and heating business, the team at Autumn Mechanical has built a trusted reputation throughout the communities of Houston. Our air conditioning services include, but are not limited to, residential/commercial AC and heating, repair, service, installation, maintenance, and heat pump equipment repair.

Whenever you are looking for high-quality air conditioning and heating services at a day affordable price, we can help! We service and replace both commercial and residential HVAC systems in order to bring you the ultimate climate control. Autumn Mechanical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including Briarpark, Midtown, Sugar Land, Cypress, Pearland, The West University Place, The Heights, Spring, Willowbrook, Houston,Spring Branch, and The Woodlands. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today to find out what we can do for your home or business.


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