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Does AC Maintenance Reduce Electric Bill?

Does AC Maintenance Reduce Electric Bill

Are you looking for ways to reduce the cost of using your central air conditioning system this spring and summer? One of the simplest solutions to lowering your electric bill comes with routine maintenance on your AC. Not only does this help to cool your home faster, it will also drive down those high energy bills by providing your with energy efficient cooling.

Our team works with home and business owners to drive down these costs by cleaning and inspecting every part of their AC system. This can also help save you money by catching small problems in their early stages before they have the chance to develop into costly issues that can also rise your utility bill charges.

Other Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Set AC System on a Schedule

Your electricity bill will take a heavy hit if you aren’t using your AC correctly. Keeping your thermostat at a constant temperature may seem like a great idea, but raising and lowering the temperatures can actually save you a ton of money. If you aren’t home during the day, turn it up. If you sleep better when it’s cooler, turn it down. Adjusting the temperature to fit your schedule will ensure you’re getting the most out of your unit, enjoying the cool air when you need it most, and will ultimately lower your electricity bill.

Become a Fan of Fans

Although fans don’t cool the air around them, they do circulate air. This breeze can make a room feel cooler. When fans are running, turn your thermostat up. Not only are they already using energy by being plugged in, but you also won’t need the AC unit to run as cool with fans blowing. Place fans on opposite sides of a room to create a tunnel effect that will distribute the air better.

Change AC Filters

When your air filters are clogged, your air conditioner must use more energy to push cool air through into your home. Changing your filters regularly will help your unit run more efficiently, giving you more cool air while lowering the cost of your electricity bill. Switch out your filters monthly to avoid clogging.

Power Strips

Check your small appliances. If they have transformers on them (that’s the little black cube at the end of the cord), you’ll want to avoid plugging those into your wall sockets. Even when you turn your devices and appliances off, the electricity may still be on if it’s plugged into the wall. This uses unnecessary energy, causing your electricity bill to rise. Unplug them when they aren’t in use, or grab a power strip for all of them. When you’re ready to shut them down, turn off the power strip.

Replace Appliances

If you’ve owned your major appliance or air conditioner for more than 10 years, it’s time to replace them. The older they get, the more energy they require to run properly. Purchasing new appliances could help you cut the cost of running them by up to 50%.

Clean Your Fridge

The refrigerator is one of the biggest energy-sucking appliances in your home. Keeping the vents and fan clean and maintained. When clean, the fridge consumes far less energy.

Financing a New Air Conditioner

Running an outdated or inefficient air conditioning system makes it hard to control the climate in your space but it may also be costing you money. Inefficient ACs require more electricity and power to run them, leaving you with higher energy costs and a less comfortable home.

If you are tired of having to continuously drop the temperature in your lower only to be left with an AC that never stops running and a home that never fully cools down a new air conditioner can help you.

We understand you may not be ready to pay all of the costs upfront, this is why the team at Autumn Mechanical offers financing options that help you get a new air conditioner in your home or business quickly, that you can pay over time.

Take advantage of special HVAC financing options available with approved credit when you purchase qualifying Trane equipment through Wells Fargo. Financing is provided with approved credit by Wells Fargo National Bank, an equal housing lender. Call us today if you have any questions about the air conditioning financing deals we are running in Houston and surrounding areas.

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