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Why AC Unit Fan Is Not Working

Why AC Unit Fan Is Not Working

During the hot and humid months in Houston, Texas having an air conditioner system that is functioning properly is one of the most important things needed to keep you and your family comfortable.  So when your AC fan suddenly quits working, one of your worst nightmares has come true.


For a central air conditioning unit there are two units that make up the entire system.  One is an indoor unit that contains the evaporator coil that pulls the heat from inside your home.  The other is an outdoor unit that contains the condenser that releases the heat that was absorbed and sends back into the house the newly cooled air.


There are some common reasons as to why your one or both fans are not operating:

Burnt Out Motor – It is completely nature for the fan motors to go through lots and wear and tear, but under too much stress they can burn out.  If your AC unit is not properly maintained, then it is much more likely that this can happen.  Having a bad fan motor can is something that is needed to be fixed by a trusted HVAC specialist like Autumn Mechanical, or if it is not able to be fixed then a replacement would be needed.


Air Filter Is Blocked – With your indoor fan, if you air filter is really clogged, it will still be working properly, but the air that is attempted to be blown out can’t.  In other words, you will not feel that air blowing into your home, be sure to check your air filter and either clean it or replace it.


Capacitor Issues – The capacitor is what provides the power to your air conditioner’s fans by storing up the energy.  There are many reasons why your capacitor could go bad or even completely stop working.  When this happens one of the fans within your AC system will stop.  This is generally needed to be replaced by a professional.


Your Unit Does Not Have Power – Sometimes your issues with the AC fan is not because of the fan’s assembly but rather a simple power issue.  There are many parts within the air conditioner that can overheat and potentially trip a circuit breaker, which causes the entire system to shut down.  You can simply check your circuit board and flip on the tripped circuit breaker, though if the problem happens multiple times it is best to reach out to a professional.


Problems with Contractor – This is a switch within the air conditioning unit that electricity flows through that controls the compressor and also the condenser fan motor.  If this contractor goes bad over time, then this restricts the condenser fan from working properly.  This is another piece that would need a professional to replace.


Belt is Loose or Broken – In other AC systems, it is common for fans to be run by belts, and if this belt becomes loose or breaks this will make the fan stop working.  This can be repaired but usually it is a sign to consider a completely new air conditioning unit due to the current system being inefficient as well as old.


There is a great preventative to help avoid these fans issues from happening.  Making sure to schedule your annual AC tune-up, which during this they can determine if there are any potential AC repairs that could cause the fans to quit working as well as any other issues.  The small amount of money that you pay to have this done can definitely pay off if they catch a potential issue that could cost you lots more money down the road.


If your air conditioning system is not operating correctly or is in need of its annual maintenance to prevent potential issues, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.  Do not be strand in the blasting heat of Houston, Texas summer without a cool home.


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