AC Tune Up Specials

AC Tune Up Specials

When it comes to shopping, personal grooming, etc. we are always looking for the best deal, coupons, and specials.  The same always goes for maintenance or repair work, every person in the world is always looking to save money, which is not a bad thing.


It is just when you do not have a trusted, local HVAC specialist, it is always best to shopping around for one.  This meaning to check websites like Angie’s list for reviews, ask neighbors if they recommend anyone or if there is someone to avoid, or even Google+.  Research and get as much information as possible before deciding on a professional.


The reason to shop around is because you want to find someone that is legitimate, and will give you an honest opinion if there are any issues.  Unfortunately, there are scams going around about specials and deals that certain contractors may have going on.  These are contractors and specials and deals that are best left to avoid.


One scam that is going around is where it states that you need to schedule by a specific date to get this price.  Or ones that give you the option to purchase now so that you are able to save so much off their regular price, and if you do not then the price will be this other price.


These scams try to get homeowners to call and schedule an appointment before they have even had a chance to do any research or thought completely through.  A contractor is reputable; they more than likely would not try to pull stunts like this to bring in customers.  The gain customers by being reliable, honest, and trusted.


You will generally spend anywhere from $80 to $160 for a genuine preventative maintenance appointment.  If you are being offered for a company to come out for free or for as little as $30, beware.  These companies tend to come out and take a short look at your AC unit about 10 to 15 minutes when a true AC tune-up will take roughly an hour to an hour and a half.

Usually after their quick look around your AC, they tend to find something seriously wrong and wish to charge you a ridiculous amount to “fix” this issue.  These are the HVAC specialists that you definitely want to avoid.


Besides this scams that ask you to purchase right now before the special expires there are other scams that you need to avoid and here is how you can tell if you are being scammed.


When your HVAC contractor does find an issue, they usually explain to you what is going on and how much it could cost as well as what options you have.  Those who maybe scamming you usually have this specific sales pitch that they give you.


They try to work on your guilt or safety concerns, explaining how you need to fix this now or it could result in a serious safety issue or that you are not being a good parent or spouse if you do not.


They offer they are giving you is only good for right this moment.  Usually its recommended to get a second opinion on serious repairs or thoughts of a replacement, maybe even a third or fourth opinion too.  If they are not giving you the option to research or gain another opinion, that’s a big red flag.


If they are wanting the full amount up front is another red flag.  Generally, you will pay a deposit up front and the rest will be due once the work is completed.


Finally, if your gut is telling you that something is off, listen to it.  Most people tend to ignore their instincts when you should listen to them more often.


Just remember that there are certain ways a legitimate and honest contractor will act and certain ways that those who try to scam act as well.  Be vigilant and research as much as you can if you are not completely sure.  Never be afraid to gain another opinion or two.


If your air conditioning system is not operating correctly or is in need of its annual maintenance to prevent potential issues, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.  Do not be strand in the blasting heat of Houston, Texas summer without a cool home.


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