Why is AC Repair so Expensive?

Why is AC Repair so Expensive?

One of the worse things that can happen during a hot and humid summer in Houston, Texas is having your air conditioner break down.  Now you need to see about scheduling a repair appointment and pray that they can come out as soon as possible before you and your family melt into a puddle in your home.


Everyone dread this happening to them because the thing that pops into their mind is cost.  What is wrong and how much is it going to cost me to fix it?  There is always that fear and worry about if what you are being told is truth and if you really need to repair this one thing, or if they are just looking to worm more money out your pocket.


Figuring out just exactly why you are being charged so much for your air conditioning repair is just by looking at it this way.  They say that on average to have a contractor come out to your home the cost comes to around $75-$85 an hour.  Here is why:


One thing that you must bare in mind with HVAC contractors, they are certified by the state they are working in.  This means that they studied and worked and took this huge test that the state requires and passed.  This is a test that must be done occasionally so that they show that they are staying up to date with the rising technology surrounding air conditioning systems.


Also, the environment they are working in can be very demanding not to mention the temperatures as well.  Think about the areas they have to work in from working on an outdoor AC unit to one that in indoors up in an attic.  Then being able to troubleshoot the AC for issues as well as know how to handle each and every piece of equipment.


Now take in the contractor’s service vehicle and all of the equipment inside of it.  There are thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment inside with Freon, motors, specialty tools, capacitors, fuses, and much more.  They have everything they could possibly need for an on-site repair.


Then you take in the insurance for the vehicle that covers all the equipment, the vehicle itself, plus all the hazardous chemicals that they need to help your AC system operate.  The cost to drive that vehicle out to your home, and with gas prices the way they are and gas mileage on the large vehicle pulling as much weight it is carrying.  And on top of that the maintenance for the vehicle, we all know how much it costs for ours.


The last bit of this puzzle for AC repair costs is taxes, fees, and their insurance premiums that all small businesses are required to pay in order to employ their employees.


Once all of this added up and thought about, we can better understand why we are being charged what we are to have the repairs done.  And though we are always looking for the best deal we can find, always be aware of some companies that are trying to offer you a repair or service for under $80 because somewhere down the line they are making up for it by upselling or making unnecessary repairs.


If your air conditioning system is not operating correctly or is in need of its annual maintenance to prevent potential issues, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.  Do not be strand in the blasting heat of Houston, Texas summer without a cool home.


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