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Autumn Mechanical provides top quality repairinstallation, and maintenance of Air conditioning and furnace products for Spring Branch Houston.  Our technicians can work on all brands and fix your hardest HVAC problems quickly.   We’re experts in high efficiency air conditioning systems if you are in need of a replacement.  We offer Trane and other brand equipment reaching efficiencies in excess of 16 SEER.

We understand that in Spring Branch Houston most customers are looking for FRIENDLY CONVENIENT SERVICE, QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP, at AFFORDABLE RATES.  Autumn Mechanical can offer all of these.


When summer arrives in Spring Branch Houston, a central air conditioning system provides the best relief from rising outdoor temperatures and humidity. A properly designed and installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Spring Branch Houston technicians at Autumn Mechanical can add many years of quiet, economical comfort and also help increase indoor air quality.

Homeowners with an A/C unit that is over eight years old might benefit from upgrading to a new energy-efficient model. In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioner installed from the 90s with a new SEER system installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Spring Branch Houston specialists can save up to 30 percent on annual tune-up costs.


A professional Air Conditioning Replacement Spring Branch Houston service always begins with proper system design. This includes running load calculations on the living area along with sub-domains to determine the right capacity requirements for the A/C unit. Poorly designed AC systems might not adequately cool every area of the building, and some rooms can remain hot and humid even while the system is operating. For this reason, contractors who do not run complete AC load calculations should be avoided.

The replacement of a well-designed air distribution system is also a critical component in a fully optimized system. The Air Conditioning Replacement Spring Branch Houston technicians at Autumn Mechanical understand this.


When it comes to offering our customers the best AC Tune Up Spring Branch Houston service, we don’t stop there. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Autumn Mechanical and become a member, your Fixed Right limited parts and labor warranty on all repairs HVAC System Tune-Up promise.

Backed by the integrity of the AC Tune Up Spring Branch Houston company of expert heating and air conditioning repairs and services, Autumn Mechanical has been in business since 1983.

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Each team member has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and refrigeration. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team is comprised of some of the brightest and passionate people in the industry. – Autumn Mechanical



Spring Branch is a district in west-northwest Harris County, Texas, United States, roughly bordered by Tanner Road and Hempstead Road to the north, Beltway 8 to the west, Interstate 10 to the south, and the 610 Loop to the east; it is almost entirely within the City of Houston. Established by the Texas Legislature, the Spring Branch Management District exercises jurisdiction over the area.

Several minor bayous ….

Spring Branch Houston Air Conditioning Repair Heating


How Much Does AC Replacement Cost

How Much Does Air Conditioning Replacement Cost?

June 19, 2020

One of the largest concerns for home and business owners who are looking to replace the air conditioner in their space is the cost. It is no secret that air conditioners are on the higher end of cost as far as appliances are concerned. When it comes to the price, there is a wide range between the average costs to home and small business owners, when it comes to installing an air conditioner in their space. The average cost lies somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000. The reason there is such a large span of costs between the two are because the size of a space will determine how large and powerful the air conditioner needs to be, with larger air conditioners costing more. If you are in need of a new air conditioner in your space, the professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Spring Branch Houston are here to help you. We understand the needs of your space may be different than the needs of another family or business, this is why we work closely with our clients to ensure they are making the right selection for their space. Air conditioners are no small investment, so working with experienced HVAC professionals can go a long way to ensuring you are making the best choice for your space.   New Air Conditioner Financing in Spring Branch Houston, TX Air conditioning and other major appliance breakdowns rarely happen at convenient times for home and business owners. If you have recently experienced an air conditioning problem or breakdown that requires immediate attention, contact Autumn Mechanical in Spring Branch Houston, today. Our team of HVAC professionals understand you may not always have all of the funds available to pay for a new air conditioner upfront. This is why we offer our clients financing options for […]

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Where Is Your AC Filter

Where Is Your AC Filter?

June 18, 2020

All residential and commercial properties with central heating and cooling systems will have an air filter. However, in some spaces, these air filters may be difficult to locate due to the layout of your property. Your air filter will most often be located in the return air duct or blower compartment. This will be located before the returned air makes its way to the air handler. This gives your air filter the chance to clean the air before it is returned to your space. Some of the most common locations for the air filter for the HVAC system in your space are:   -If you have a horizontal air conditioning unit, with a return duct attached to the side of the air handler, the filter will often be located in a slot on the intake side of your air conditioning unit. If you want to improve the quality of air in your space the professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Spring Branch Houston, TX can help.   -If you have a vertical air handler that has a return air duct that enters through the top, the air filter may be located above the HVAC unit. If you are unable to locate your air filter, contact our team of HVAC professionals in Spring Branch today!   -With some other HVAC systems, you may find that the air filter is located behind the return air grill on a wall inside of your space. Contact Autumn Mechanical to learn more about how we can help improve the air quality in your space.   Autumn Mechanical in Spring Branch Houston, TX are the industry leaders when it comes to providing residential and commercial HVAC services. Our team of dedicated air quality control experts have been proudly serving the Greater Houston area since the early ‘80s. […]

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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Spring Branch Houston

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Spring Branch Houston

February 9, 2020

Are you a home or business owner in the Spring Branch area that is looking for reliable and affordable air conditioning maintenance? If so, Autumn Mechanical is the perfect solution for your space! At Autumn Mechanical, our team performs a wide range of HVAC services on air conditioning and heating systems. This includes routine seasonal maintenance, as well as air conditioning and heating repairs and replacements. Routine maintenance is critical to the health of your cooling and heating system because it keeps your air conditioning unit functioning properly and helps you to avoid having to pay for major repairs down the road. Additionally, when you have your system tuned-up regularly you are able to get the most cooling and heating power out of your unit. This can go a long way to saving you money on your energy bill and bringing you comfortable climate control! Now is the best time to have your unit serviced before the weather gets any warmer. Contact Autumn Mechanical today to learn more about the services we offer and how a tune-up can save you money!   Air Conditioner Repair in Spring Branch Houston: Whenever your air conditioning unit is not running as smoothly as it should be, it may actually be costing you money! Being unable to maintain a consistent cool temperature in your space means your air conditioning unit is having to run continuously to get less than desirable results. You may notice strange noises or other problems coming from your unit. Whatever is wrong with your unit should be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid more costly repairs in the future. Pick up the phone and give Autumn Mechanical a call today! Our team of highly experienced HVAC technicians will come to your home or business to assess your unit and […]

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