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Air Conditioning Replacement in Tomball TX

Air Conditioning Replacement Tomball TX

Over the past decade the air conditioning industry has changed significantly.   Many costs have gone done and efficiency has gone up. Today, if your air conditioning is more than eight years old or if the system fails in the major components, repair is probably not worth the expense.  Unless the problem is simple, like debris clogging or a worn fan belt, it’s almost always more cost effective to replace than repair.


If you’re not fully certain of your decision, ask your contractor to determine the overall condition of your air conditioning system.  Your contractor can inspect the unit; it’s inner workings, like the cooling coil, compressor and more. He will also check the ductwork and the overall insulation of your home.  This will identify, every element of your system and how they’re performing. Your contractor will also prepare a report and review for every item. This assures you of a fully reviewed system and the recommendations will come from an honest opinion.


Additionally, your contractor should make note of the efficiency of your unit.  If your air conditioner is eight to ten years old, it could use twice the amount of energy than a new one.  Ultimately, increasing your family’s energy costs. Today’s new systems are highly energy efficient. They have been designed to save the homeowner money on energy consumption.


Air Conditioning Cooling savings are determined by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Today Air Conditioning Systems are built with SEER to rate its efficiency to potential buyers.  SEER in most AC units ranges from 13 – 21. In the past t 13 SEER was the standard. Now, the minimum standard allowed by law is a 13 SEER unit. It’s best to speak to your Air Conditioning Contractor for comparisons and he will help you access based your needs, which unit and its SEER rating is best for your home


The best company to use for Air Conditioning replacement in Tomball, TX is Autumn Mechanical.  Autumn Mechanical has fully trained and background checked technicians who arrive at your home without a disturbance, and gets the job done efficiently both inside and out. For Air-conditioning replacement in Tomball, TX Autumn Mechanical is your solution. They carry energy efficient air conditioning systems with the highest SEER ratings available.  Autumn Mechanical’ has partnered with premier air Conditioning manufacturer “Trane”. The Trane Air Conditioning systems are built with SEER ranging 14.5 – 22. If you’re considering Air Conditioning replacement in Tomball, Texas, Autumn Mechanical has the system and special financing for you. Contact Autumn Air your Air Conditioning Replacement Company for  you.


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