Is There Anything I Should Check Prior To Calling For Service?

Is There Anything I Should Check Prior To Calling For Service

Whenever you live in a climate as warm and humid as the one in Spring, TX, it makes it easy to spot air conditioning inconsistencies and dysfunctions early on. As soon as you walk into your home and feel the sticky, hot air, you will know something is wrong. You may wonder, does this problem require professional help? Listed below are some of the most common problems you can check for before contacting the professional HVAC team at Autumn Mechanical in Spring, TX:


Power Outage: You will want to be sure that the power being supplied to your residential or commercial space is not experiencing any connectivity issues with your electrical provider. Just because you have paid your bill or see electricity being supplied to certain areas of your home does not mean your air conditioning unit is getting the electrical power it needs in order to operate efficiently. You can do this by flipping your circuit breakers and doing a reading on your electrical current usage.


Clean Air Filters Make A Difference: One of the most common problems affecting air conditioning units efficiency is having an unclean air filter blocking the airflow in a space. It is critical to your AC’s cooling cycle to have a clean air filter that air can push through in order to keep it operating smoothly. Whenever the air cannot easily pass through the filter, the cool air can get trapped, leading to an iced over evaporator coil.


Thermostat Malfunction: While the thermostat in your home may seem like an insignificant part of your air conditioning system, it actually can lead to major issues whenever it is not operating properly. Change the batteries in your thermostat to see if this sends different signals to your unit, restoring cooling comfort to your space. In some cases, you may need to replace the thermostat entirely in order to restore function to your unit. Contact the team at Autumn Mechanical in Spring, TX today to learn more about the role your thermostat plays in keeping your space cool.


Whatever the issue with your air conditioner may be, the HVAC professionals at Autumn Mechanical are here to help you quickly identify the issue and find a solution that fits your needs and budget. From annual air conditioning tune ups to major repairs, our team has got you covered. Schedule an appointment with us today and don’t forget to ask about the financing options we have available for home and business owners.


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