Do AC Tune-Ups Make My Unit Last Longer?

Do AC Tune-Ups Make My Unit Last Longer?

When it comes to air conditioning systems in our homes and businesses, we can all agree, they are no small purchase. In fact, an air conditioning system in your home or business should be looked at as an investment in your comfort and the well-being of you and your property for the next decade. In order to protect your investment, you will need to be committed to keeping your air conditioner in great shape.


Many people wonder, “Do AC tune-ups make my unit last longer?” The answer is yes.


Routine air conditioning maintenance and AC tune-ups play a vital role in keeping your air conditioner in good condition for as long as possible. If you are looking to get the longest possible lifespan of your AC, keeping up with your routine annual ac maintenance is your best option.


Listed below are some of the ways having your AC serviced can protect your unit and increase its years as an energy-efficient and functioning cooling system:


Maintain Energy Efficiency: Air conditioning systems rely on several different parts and functions to perform properly in order to maintain energy efficiency. Whenever a part is not lubricated correctly, is defective, or simply has aged, it has the potential to throw off your entire air conditioning system. When your air conditioning system is unable to operate at maximum efficiency it will require more energy in order to provide you with cooling climate control. Unfortunately, even if you are exerting extra electricity in order to run your AC system, you still may never get the results you are looking for.


Keep It Clean: Our air conditioning systems are responsible for circulating climate-controlled air throughout our homes businesses. This can greatly impact the comfort in a space, but it also can affect the air quality that is being circulated. When you have poor air quality your unit is struggling to filter out the debris, dust, and other harmful particles that can be found in the air. This is not only bad for those breathing in the air, it also has a harmful impact on the air conditioning system itself.


If you have not scheduled your annual air conditioning service with Autumn Mechanical in Spring, TX, it is not too late! The sooner you have your air conditioner professionally cleaned and serviced, the better it will be for the overall lifespan of your unit. Contact us today to learn more about how AC tune-ups can help improve the quality of your air and increase the lifespan of your unit.


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