Air Conditioning Company Near Spring TX

Air Conditioning Company Near Spring TX

In Spring, Texas, we live in a subtropical climate with long warm seasons and high humidity. This means we use our air conditioners throughout most of the year. When there is a breakdown in the functionality of your AC, you will want to address it as soon as possible to avoid more expensive repair costs and breakdowns.

Without adequate cooling capabilities, you not only create an uncomfortable environment, but you also run the risk of damaging your property. Moisture and high temperatures can lead to conditions that warp wood and other housing materials, as well as increase the chances of mold and mildew development.

When you have a malfunctioning air conditioning system in your home, working with a professional HVAC company can help you to restore functionality and comfort in your space. Call Autumn Mechanical in Houston today for your urgent AC services near Spring, Texas.


What to Consider When Deciding Whether to Replace or Repair Your AC Unit

A quality and efficient new air conditioner is a big investment. So, unless your existing unit is not performing well and you can’t remedy this without significant expense, it often makes more sense to have it repaired.

Some factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your existing air conditioning unit include:

  1. The AC Unit’s Age

A typical air conditioning unit has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. If it’s well-maintained, your unit can continue performing well for even longer.

As a guide: If your unit is over 10 years old, the warranty has expired, you’re experiencing more frequent problems, or the quotes you’ve received for repairs are high, purchasing a new unit may be the better choice. If your AC is less than 10 years old, is well-maintained, and has not experienced a major failure, then it might be better to have the unit repaired.

  1. The Cost of the Repair

If you have a relatively new AC unit, unless the cost of repairs runs into thousands of dollars, it rarely makes financial sense to replace it with a new one.

Many HCAV pros use the “5,000 rule” as a general guide. You multiply the age of the unit by the repair cost, and if that exceeds $5,000, then it may be better to replace the unit. If it’s less, repair it.

  1. Refrigerant Environmental Impact and Availability

Many air conditioning units over ten years old use R-22 Freon refrigerant. As of 2020, it’s no longer possible to produce this legally in the U.S. Consequently, any remaining supplies cost considerably more than the readily available R-410a refrigerant used in modern units. Not only will this make any refrigerant repairs needed way more expensive and potentially even challenging to carry out, but the product harms the environment.

  1. The Cost of Your Energy Bills

Regardless of how well you maintain an older AC unit, it will always be less efficient than a modern system. All air conditioning units have a SEER rating to measure their energy efficiency. AC units from the 1990s required a SEER rating of at least 10. In 2006, this changed to 13, and then 14 in 2015. Modern, efficient systems typically have a SEER rating above 20.

It’s worth noting that a unit that isn’t the right size for your home, the use of an incorrect amount of refrigerant, or electrical parts in poor condition can also impact energy efficiency.

If you see the cost of your energy bills creeping up, purchasing a new, more efficient unit could be a worthwhile long-term investment.

  1. How Long You Plan to Continue Living in Your Home

Even if you have an older unit, unless there has been a catastrophic failure or repairs are excessive, replacing it might not be a good investment if you plan to move in the next few years. Be aware, however, that if the AC unit is old or has not been well-maintained when you come to sell, a buyer may ask for a reduction on the home sale price to account for this.

If you don’t plan on selling up soon, having the peace of mind a new unit and an extended warranty will bring may be motivation enough to replace it.

  1. Aesthetic Considerations

If you’re having your home redecorated, you might have decided that an old, rusty-looking unit is too much of an eye-sore to keep it—regardless of how well it might still be operating.

Commercial HVAC Services in Spring, TX

Autumn Mechanical — formerly Autumn Air delivers a single-point resource for mechanical contracting and service. Based in Spring, TX, Autumn Mechanical specializes in HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration services. Serving customers in Houston, Dallas, and surrounding areas, our professional technicians serve with expertise and integrity.

With over 30 years of experience in the air conditioning and heating business, the team at Autumn Mechanical has built a trusted reputation throughout the communities of Houston. Our air conditioning services include, but are not limited to, residential/commercial AC and heating, repair, service, installation, maintenance, and heat pump equipment repair.


Whenever you are looking for high-quality air conditioning and heating services at a day affordable price, we can help! We service and replace both commercial and residential HVAC systems in order to bring you the ultimate climate control. Autumn Mechanical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including Briarpark, Midtown, Sugar Land, Cypress, Pearland, The West University Place, The Heights, Spring, Willowbrook, Houston,Spring Branch, and The Woodlands. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today to find out what we can do for your home or business.


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