New Air Conditioning Installation in Pearland TX

Spring has begun and the weather is sure to return to hot and humid in the Pearland Texas.  Southwest Texas’ heat is like no other.  The humidity is dense and the temperatures soar to over 100 degrees.  Pearland homeowners combat the heat with the strength of their air conditioning systems. Many units never turn off while fighting the increasing temperatures. Pushing the unit without a break drives it to overuse. The result of long-term overuse is a malfunction. As another blistering summer is looming, homeowners face the decision to repair or replace their air conditioning system. The best way to determine your air conditioner’s reliability is to consider several factors.  Ideally, calling a reliable Air Conditioning company to provide a check-up is best.  Checking a few key factors in consideration of replacing your unit is a good way to start.


Consider the Age of your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning units of 10 years or more are recommended for replacement.  This is what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests.  Certainly, there are exceptions.  However, an older unit has its limitations.  Rather than wait until the unit dies, have it checked by a professional Air Conditioning contractor.


Are your Energy Bills Rising?

Are your energy bills enormously high? This may be an indication your air conditioning unit is not performing efficiently. There are many factors that contribute to inefficiency, such as poor repair from unqualified contractors, air duct issues, and most likely, the unit is outdated and cannot accommodate the rigor needed to perform. 


Persistent Failure

When your air conditioning stops cooling, shuts off abruptly or makes loud noises, a number of issues can exit at the same time.  Short of checking everything imaginable, it is always best to contact a certified air conditioning professional.  This will eliminate the stress of having to figure out things on your own and provide a faster solution to getting your home cool again.


If you’re in Pearland Texas and planning to replace or repair your air conditioning system, contact the experts at Autumn Mechanical Conditioning.  Autumn has served Pearland residents for many years.  Residents have found Autumn Mechanical professional, reliable and affordable. Autumn Mechanical understands installing a brand new air-conditioning system can be challenging.  As a certified Trane Comfort Air Specialist Autumn Mechanical offers customers special discounts and financing.  Don’t hesitate to contact Autumn Mechanical.  We have the solutions to keep your home cool for the summer. 



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