When Did Air Conditioning Become Common?

When Did Air Conditioning Become Common

The modern version of the air conditioner was invented in the early 1900s, by the electrical engineer, Willis Carrier. Carrier was first inspired to create the air conditioner when he was hired by a popular publishing company that was struggling to produce quality prints in their space due to high temperatures and humidity. The publishing company was experiencing problems printing because the ink and paper they were using, were both sensitive to the moisture and heat. The changes in temperature and moisture would cause the pages the publishing company used to print on to swell and shrink in size, making it difficult to run them through printers and get consistent prints. Additionally, the ink would run and sometimes would even bleed through the pages. The air conditioner Carrier invented successfully helped them overcome these problems and started to gain notice.


This air conditioner Carrier invented for the publishing company was extremely large, expensive, noisy, and in some ways, even a little bit dangerous. These massive machines were too expensive to make it into private homes and small businesses and remained only in large commercial facilities for decades. Outside of industrial factories, these air conditioners were also used in movie theaters, hospitals, museums, and other spaces were large groups of people gathered, or sensitive materials were stored.


It would take over six decades of inventors editing the original design and coming up with more accessible versions before the air conditioner became a common appliance in homes and private businesses. As air conditioning units became smaller, quieter, and much more affordable to make, they became more and more common. Whenever this happened, small window units became more prevalent in more homes and small businesses. These units revolutionized the way we live our lives and gave us the ability to thrive in all warm climates and seasons.


The accessibility to air conditioning has done much more than add comfort to our lives, it has also given us a way to create environments with controlled climate. This is extremely useful in taking care of those who are sensitive or belong to a vulnerable group of people, including seniors, small children, those with health conditions, those healing from injury, and more. Since air conditioning in our homes and businesses became more common, there has been a dramatic drop in heat-related deaths. If you have an air conditioning system in your home or business that needs a tune up or repair, contact Autumn Mechanical in Oak Ridge North, TX today.


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