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Autumn Mechanical provides top quality repair, installation, and maintenance of Air conditioning and furnace products for Magnolia, TX.  Our technicians can work on all brands and fix your hardest HVAC problems quickly.   We’re experts in high efficiency air conditioning systems if you are in need of a replacement.  We offer Trane and other brand equipment reaching efficiencies in excess of 16 SEER.

We understand that in Magnolia, TX most customers are looking for FRIENDLY CONVENIENT SERVICE, QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP, at AFFORDABLE RATES.  Autumn Mechanical can offer all of these.


When summer arrives in Magnolia TX, a central air conditioning system provides the best relief from rising outdoor temperatures and humidity. A properly designed and installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Magnolia TX technicians at Autumn Mechanical can add many years of quiet, economical comfort and also help increase indoor air quality.

Homeowners with an A/C unit that is over eight years old might benefit from upgrading to a new energy-efficient model. In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioner installed from the 90s with a new SEER system installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Magnolia TX specialists can save up to 30 percent on annual tune-up costs.


A professional Air Conditioning Replacement Magnolia TX service always begins with proper system design. This includes running load calculations on the living area along with sub-domains to determine the right capacity requirements for the A/C unit. Poorly designed AC systems might not adequately cool every area of the building, and some rooms can remain hot and humid even while the system is operating. For this reason, contractors who do not run complete AC load calculations should be avoided.

The replacement of a well-designed air distribution system is also a critical component in a fully optimized system. The Air Conditioning Replacement Magnolia TX technicians at Autumn Mechanical understand this.


When it comes to offering our customers the best AC Tune Up Magnolia TX service, we don’t stop there. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Autumn Mechanical and become a member, your Fixed Right limited parts and labor warranty on all repairs HVAC System Tune-Up promise.

Backed by the integrity of the AC Tune Up Magnolia TX company of expert heating and air conditioning repairs and services, Autumn Mechanical has been in business since 1983.

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Each team member has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and refrigeration. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team is comprised of some of the brightest and passionate people in the industry. – Autumn Mechanical



The first settlement in the Magnolia area was a town named Mink Prairie, founded in about 1845 when a farmer named Mink built a homestead. By 1850, the town’s name was shortened to Mink. After the Civil War, Mink’s population swelled due to an influx of settlers from Kentucky and Tennessee, resulting in a post office being built in  ….

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Air Conditioning Repair Magnolia TX Heating

Magnolia TX Air Conditioning Maintenance

October 20, 2021

What Does an AC Tune-up Include? Tasks included in an AC tune-up vary according to the professional you hire and the type of system you have. Here is a standard checklist for a tune-up: Clean or replace air filter (if the unit has one). Check the airflow of the evaporator coil and use a special cleaning agent to clean the coils. Flush the drain lines to combat mold and mildew. Inspect and test all electrical wiring connections, check the safety and appropriate rating, and test capacitors, valves, and fan blades. Check the blower motor to ensure amps and voltage are working correctly. Clean and test all duct work and check refrigerant level. Test and calibrate the thermostat. Measure temperatures coming from all returns. Lubricate all moving parts. Check all bearings for wear and tear. Inspect the caulk 5 on a window unit. Inspect and repair the electrical parts. Measure amp and voltage draw on the condenser. Look for worn or loose motor belts or pulleys and repair where appropriate. Remove any debris in or around the compressor, condenser, and fan. Brush any bent coil fins back into shape. Check airflow of blades and blower wheel.   How Often Should You Get Your AC Serviced? You should have your AC unit serviced at least once a year. However, HVAC technicians may steer you to bi-annual maintenance in some areas. If you live in hotter climates, your system will likely get much more use, leading to earlier wear and tear. Having service twice a year helps you stay on top of minor repairs before they turn into major problems. Bi-annual service can catch any possible defects within the warranty period. Technicians also recommend that older units have bi-annual service to help them operate as efficiently as possible and reduce the risk of […]

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New Air Condition Installation in Magnolia TX

New Air Conditioner Installation in Magnolia TX

January 5, 2020

Even with Winter in full swing, the residents of Magnolia, TX are still dealing with hot and humid weather. While we get some days of cool weather, these never seem to last too long before another warm and sticky day. This is because the entire Greater Houston area is what is known as a subtropical climate. This means our weather stays humid and when spring and summer come around, the temperatures can easily soar beyond 100 degrees. Home and business owners in Magnolia TX rely heavily on their air conditioning units, year round, in order to combat the humid weather and stay in control of the climate in their space.   People in other regions of the country have more time in the year to give their air conditioning units a break during the cold seasons of fall and winter. However, in Magnolia, TX many residents run their air conditioning units year round. This can push the unit too hard, causing an overuse that leads to problems. Whenever you continue overusing your HVAC system, you are more likely to experience a malfunction. Winter is here now and it may not seem like as serious of a priority, but spring is just around the corner. Make the best choices for your space, by having the HVAC professionals at Autumn Mechanical evaluate the condition of your system. By having regular maintenance performed on your unit, you are able to catch any potential weaknesses in your HVAC system early on, and prevent them from becoming major breakdowns.   How Old Is Your Air Conditioning System? When trying to determine the best course of action for your commercial or residential air conditioning unit, ask yourself how old is this system? If you have had your air conditioning unit for over 10 years, you may […]

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AC Maintenance in Magnolia TX 1

AC Maintenance in Magnolia TX

May 28, 2018

The best way to ensure your air conditioning unit will be high functioning and last for many years to come is by having regular maintenance performed on your unit. The best time to schedule your air conditioning tune up is before the weather switches to extreme heat. This is because your air conditioning unit will be putting in overtime in the Houston heat to keep your home or business properly and consistently cooled down.At Autumn Mechanical all of our air conditioning technicians are highly trained, experienced, and certified ensuring you are getting the best service possible every time.   AC Tune Up Checklist During an AC Tune Up, we go out of our way to make sure every part of your air conditioning unit is working at its full capacity to keep your home as comfortable as possible, all year long! Below is a list of the parts of your air conditioner that the technicians at Autumn Mechanical will check during your air conditioning tune up in Magnolia, TX.   Monitor volts/amps on fan motor Inspect filtration system Test water condensate and drain lines Check refrigerant for system leaks Tighten all electrical connections Check the blower wheel for balance and dust Check the pressure for the refrigerant Monitor the compressor for voltage Inspect the fan blades for cracks and balance Wash the condenser coil and remove any trash   These are a number of things that are done when your technician visits your home for an air conditioning maintenance and tune up check. Keep your air conditioning unit running well all year long with an AC tune-up that will help ensure the longevity of your unit. Call Autumn Mechanical today before it gets any warmer outside!   Air Conditioning Maintenance Company in Magnolia, TX Autumn Mechanical proudly serves the Greater […]

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Best Air Conditioning Repair in Magnolia TX 1

Best AC Repair in Magnolia TX

March 13, 2018

Spring Air Conditioning Tune Up in Magnolia TX Spring is just around the corner, which in Houston means one thing…It’s about to be HOT. This is why now is the best time to take advantage of Autumn Mechanical’s air conditioning tune-up services. We come to your home and do a full comprehensive analysis of your air conditioning units functionality. Additionally, we clean and service the moving parts within your unit. All of this is done to ensure your unit is ready to be worked in over drive during the sweltering Houston months! We are able to see if there is anything in your unit that is performing at a subpar standard, that may pose as a potential issue to your home’s cooling needs. We recommend having a tune-up to your air conditioner because it is always better to catch problems when they begin instead of waiting until they are fully formed and cause your unit to breakdown. Not many things are worse than being stuck in the Texas heat without a working air conditioning unit in your home or business! If you have not had a tune-up performed on your air conditioning unit this year, contact Autumn Mechanical today!   Air Conditioning Repair in Magnolia TX Air conditioners are complex machines with many moving parts, all working together with the goal of keeping your home a comfortable and consistent temperature. Whenever one part of the mechanics fails to do its job, there will be a ripple effect onto the rest of the unit, often times resulting in inefficient cooling or a total breakdown. The air conditioning professionals at Autumn Mechanical have decades of experiencing servicing air conditioning units. Let us come to your home or business, pinpoint the issue with your air conditioning unit and discuss your options! If you […]

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HVAC Services Magnolia TX 1

HVAC Services Magnolia TX

December 22, 2017

Autumn Mechanical has been serving the Greater Houston area with quality residential and commercial HVAC services since 1983. Our staff has years of experience working with a wide variety of heating and air conditioning systems. This has afforded us the knowledge to provide a solution to any of your HVAC needs. From installations to ongoing maintenance, you can expect exceptional customer service and knowledgeable guidance every step of the way. We are a full service HVAC company for both residential and commercial clients. We provide all of the services necessary to keep your living or working space at a comfortable temperature, year round. HVAC Installation Magnolia TX It’s important, with a job as big as installing a new air conditioner into your home or business, to work with an experienced and reputable professional. Working with a committed professional will save you time and money in the long run. Whether you are building a new home or business, replacing an old unit or making an upgrade to a more efficient model, Autumn Mechanical can provide you with excellent service. HVAC Repair Magnolia TX Autumn Mechanical offers the most professional and comprehensive HVAC services in Magnolia, TX. If you notice an issue with your homes heating or cooling capabilities we can provide you with a solution. We have over 30 years of experience diagnosing HVAC systems- which means if something is wrong with your unit, we have seen it before and we know what steps are required to get it back in working condition. HVAC Replacement Magnolia TX There are lots of reasons to replace your HVAC System. Maybe it is damaged beyond repair, not a large enough system to accommodate the needs of your home or business, or perhaps you want to upgrade to an energy efficient system. Whatever your reason […]

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