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Autumn Mechanical provides top quality repair, installation, and maintenance of Air conditioning and furnace products for Klein, TX.  Our technicians can work on all brands and fix your hardest HVAC problems quickly.   We’re experts in high efficiency air conditioning systems if you are in need of a replacement.  We offer Trane and other brand equipment reaching efficiencies in excess of 16 SEER.

We understand that in Klein, TX most customers are looking for FRIENDLY CONVENIENT SERVICE, QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP, at AFFORDABLE RATES.  Autumn Mechanical can offer all of these.


When summer arrives in Klein TX, a central air conditioning system provides the best relief from rising outdoor temperatures and humidity. A properly designed and installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Klein TX technicians at Autumn Mechanical can add many years of quiet, economical comfort and also help increase indoor air quality.

Homeowners with an A/C unit that is over eight years old might benefit from upgrading to a new energy-efficient model. In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioner installed from the 90s with a new SEER system installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Klein TX specialists can save up to 30 percent on annual tune-up costs.


A professional Air Conditioning Replacement Klein TX service always begins with proper system design. This includes running load calculations on the living area along with sub-domains to determine the right capacity requirements for the A/C unit. Poorly designed AC systems might not adequately cool every area of the building, and some rooms can remain hot and humid even while the system is operating. For this reason, contractors who do not run complete AC load calculations should be avoided.

The replacement of a well-designed air distribution system is also a critical component in a fully optimized system. The Air Conditioning Replacement Klein TX technicians at Autumn Mechanical understand this.


When it comes to offering our customers the best AC Tune Up Klein TX service, we don’t stop there. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Autumn Mechanical and become a member, your Fixed Right limited parts and labor warranty on all repairs HVAC System Tune-Up promise.

Backed by the integrity of the AC Tune Up Klein TX company of expert heating and air conditioning repairs and services, Autumn Mechanical has been in business since 1983.

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Each team member has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and refrigeration. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team is comprised of some of the brightest and passionate people in the industry. – Autumn Mechanical



Klein is an unincorporated community in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston within north Harris County, Texas, United States, roughly bordering Texas State Highway 99 to the north, Texas State Highway 249 to the west, Interstate 45 to the east, and the city of Houston to the south. It includes the entire area of Klein ISD. Residents of the zip codes 77066, 77069, 77086, 77379, 77388, 77389 and 77391 can use Klein as their postal city. It is named after Adam Klein, a German immigrant whose best-known great-great-grandson is singer ….

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When Was Air Conditioning Invented

When Was AC Invented?

June 5, 2020

Air conditioning the way we understand it, was invented in 1902. This helpful appliance was invented by Willis Carrier, an electrical engineer. Carrier was hired by a publishing company that was struggling to produce quality prints in seasons with warm temperatures and high humidity. The publishing company was experiencing problems printing because the higher the moisture and heat, the more issues there would be with the ink on pages, as well as the size of the paper. The changes in temperature and moisture would cause the pages to swell and shrink in size, making it difficult to run them through printers.    The version of the air conditioner used in the early 1900s was full of difficulties, making it hard to bring them widespread. These machines were massive, loud, and in some cases even dangerous. They were very expensive to make and had difficulties that would cause a large variance in their expected lifespace. This made it so only large commercial spaces, such as movie theaters, hospitals, and museums were able to afford an air conditioner or fit it in their space.    It was not until the 1960s that air conditioners started becoming more accessible on a personal level. Air conditioning units became smaller, quieter, and much more affordable to make. Whenever this happened, we started seeing window units in more homes and small businesses. These units revolutionized the way we live our lives and gave us the ability to thrive in all warm climates and seasons.    Trane High Efficiency Air Conditioning in Klein, TX Whether you are a home or business owner a Trane air conditioning system can help to meet the needs of your unique space, in order to bring you the most in climate control. If you are unsure of where to start when it […]

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What Air Conditioners Are The Best

What Air Conditioners Are The Best?

June 4, 2020

If you are a home or business owner you understand the importance of quality when making an investment as large as an air conditioning system for your space. You will want to purchase an air conditioning system that not only meets the needs of your space, you will also want one that has the highest level of efficiency and performance. At Autumn Mechanical in Klein, TX, we believe that when you are looking for the best, there is one brand that sticks out among the competition and this is Trane. Trane has more than 100 years of experience fine tuning and improving air conditioning units. In this time, Trane has successfully risen to the top of their industry, by continuously outperforming its competitors in every way.     The HVAC professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Klein, TX have chosen to partner up with Trane to become Trane Houston Certified Specialist. We care about our clients and believe in providing them with the best air conditioning systems available on the market today. New air conditioning systems are not a small investment and selecting the right unit should not be a decision taken lightly. We urge our customers that are looking to get the longest lifespan and highest quality air conditioner to go with a Trane unit. Protect your investment by working with the highest quality HVAC brand in the industry when you choose a Trane air conditioner for your space.    Trane High Efficiency Air Conditioning in Klein, TX Regardless of if your property is a residential or commercial space, a Trane air conditioning system can help to meet your needs and bring you the best in climate control. If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to selecting a new AC for your home or business, we can […]

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Best Air Conditioning Repair in Klein TX 1

Best AC Service in Klein TX

July 15, 2018

Autumn Mechanical has been providing the community of Klein with the highest quality air conditioning and heating services since 1983. We have combined our years of experience and knowledge, with excellent customer service that keeps our clients loyal to us! Our goal is to provide our clients with the kind of service that keeps them coming back and referring their family and friends to us!   Air Conditioning Installation in Klein, TX Whenever you are in the process of building a new space, whether it be a home or business, in Houston, you are going to want central AC in your space! Do not just let your builder choose which air conditioner is right for your space. Go with quality instead! Contact Autumn Mechanical whenever you are building a new space and get the kind of air conditioning system in your space that is built to last! We can help survey the size and the unique needs of your space to get you exactly what you are looking for!   Air Conditioning Tune Up in Klein, TX Air conditioning systems are not small financial investments. This is why it is so surprising how many home and business owners neglect the care required to keep their air conditioning system in great condition. The best way to ensure a long and healthy life for your air conditioning system, as well as high efficiency usage, is with regular air conditioning tune ups! Do not wait until you have a system failure to contact Autumn Mechanical for your unit!   Air Conditioning Repair in Klein, TX Air conditioners are not simple appliances that require installation and then are just good to go for a decade. They are complex machines that have several different parts that all have their own unique functions. This is why […]

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