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Autumn Mechanical provides top quality repairinstallation, and maintenance of Air conditioning and furnace products for Conroe, TX.  Our technicians can work on all brands and fix your hardest HVAC problems quickly.   We’re experts in high efficiency air conditioning systems if you are in need of a replacement.  We offer Trane and other brand equipment reaching efficiencies in excess of 16 SEER. We understand that in Conroe, TX most customers are looking for FRIENDLY CONVENIENT SERVICE, QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP, at AFFORDABLE RATES.  Autumn Mechanical can offer all of these.


When summer arrives in Conroe TX, a central air conditioning system provides the best relief from rising outdoor temperatures and humidity. A properly designed and installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Conroe TX technicians at Autumn Mechanical can add many years of quiet, economical comfort and also help increase indoor air quality. Homeowners with an A/C unit that is over eight years old might benefit from upgrading to a new energy-efficient model. In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioner installed from the 90s with a new SEER system installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Conroe TX specialists can save up to 30 percent on annual tune-up costs.


A professional Air Conditioning Replacement Conroe TX service always begins with proper system design. This includes running load calculations on the living area along with sub-domains to determine the right capacity requirements for the A/C unit. Poorly designed AC systems might not adequately cool every area of the building, and some rooms can remain hot and humid even while the system is operating. For this reason, contractors who do not run complete AC load calculations should be avoided. The replacement of a well-designed air distribution system is also a critical component in a fully optimized system. The Air Conditioning Replacement Conroe TX technicians at Autumn Mechanical understand this.


When it comes to offering our customers the best AC Tune Up Conroe TX service, we don’t stop there. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Autumn Mechanical and become a member, your Fixed Right limited parts and labor warranty on all repairs HVAC System Tune-Up promise. Backed by the integrity of the AC Tune Up Conroe TX company of expert heating and air conditioning repairs and services, Autumn Mechanical has been in business since 1983.

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Each team member has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and refrigeration. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team is comprised of some of the brightest and passionate people in the industry. – Autumn Mechanical



The city is named after Northern-born Union Cavalry officer and Houston lumberman Isaac Conroe. Conroe founded a sawmill there in 1881. The city originally gained in wealth due to the lumber and oil industries. Originally named “Conroe’s Switch”, the area saw an influx of residents in the late 19th century due to the lumber demands on the piney wood forest ….

Air Conditioning Repair Conroe TX Heating


Trane Specialist in Conroe

Trane Specialist in Conroe

April 16, 2021

Image by Trane   At Autumn Mechanical in Conroe, TX we firmly believe in Trane air conditioning systems. This is why we have partnered with Trane to go through the training and certification process to become Trane Comfort Specialist™. We want our customers to have access to the highest quality climate control so that they are able to get the longest lifespan possible out of their cooling systems. We understand that air conditioning systems are no small expense, this is why we want to help you protect your investment with quality machinery you can count on.   What is a Trane Comfort Specialist™? According to Trane’s website: Not every dealer is a Trane Comfort Specialist™ – it’s a special designation we award our most qualified specialists. A Trane Comfort Specialist™ is an independent Trane dealer committed to being the best in installation, service, customer satisfaction and employee training.   When should I contact an HVAC specialist? According to Trane, even if you schedule all routine service checks and follow our preventive maintenance checklists, sometimes heating and cooling systems break down. It’s important to know what to listen and look for and what problems need immediate attention.   Contact a dealer If your energy bills increase but your usage rate remains the same. If your air conditioner or furnace can’t keep a consistent comfort level. If you notice bent or damaged fins or other parts of your outdoor unit. If any part of your furnace has been under water. If you notice an electrical burning smell. Turn off your unit immediately.   At the first sign of an issue with your business or home’s Trane air conditioning system contact the professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Conroe, TX. Our team of dedicated AC maintenance technicians is made up of highly trained, certified […]

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Conroe

Air Conditioning Replacement in Conroe

April 9, 2021

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! If your air conditioning system is unable to keep up with the rising temperatures it may be time to replace your AC unit with a newer and more energy efficient model. If the unit you have is under 8 years old and struggling to keep up with your needs, it may be in need of a tune-up or maintenance repair. Whatever the case, our team can help! For the most affordable air conditioning replacement in Conroe, TX- contact the professionals at Autumn Mechanical. Our team of highly trained, HVAC technicians can help you pick the best air conditioning for your space’s needs.   We ensure you are selecting an energy efficient air conditioning unit from a reliable company, in order to preserve your investment and help you get as many years as possible out of your new air conditioning unit. We understand purchasing an air conditioning unit is a costly investment in your future, making it sometimes difficult to purchase all at once. This is why Autumn Mechanical offers a variety of financing options for families and business owners looking to replace their air conditioning unit. If your air conditioning unit is no longer performing efficiently or is failing to cool your space, contact Autumn Mechanical today. Our team can help you explore your options moving forward, working closely with you to get you the best air conditioning unit for your residential or commercial space.   Many variables go into determining how long your air conditioning unit will last, that can help you to determine which type of AC you want for your replacement. Whenever you select a quality air conditioning brand for your home, such as a Trane air conditioning unit, you can expect a longer lifespan than with […]

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Air Conditioning and Heating Tune Up in Conroe TX

Air Conditioning and Heating Tune Up in Conroe TX

January 14, 2020

Whether you are dealing with a large commercial air conditioning and heating system or a small residential air conditioning and heating system, it will be important in order to keep your HVAC system running strong, that you have routine maintenance performed to it. This is because air conditioners and heating systems are complex machines. In order for them to function efficiently and without error, they require multiple different systems working within them to be in sync. If one part is failing to properly carry out its task, it can lead to inefficient climate control and even costly breakdowns.   The community of Conroe is in a subtropical climate, meaning that our falls and winters are mild, with more intense weather in spring and summer. We rely on our air conditioners almost year round to bring us comfortable temperatures in our homes and businesses making them need routine maintenance more frequently than in other regions of the country. Think of it like a car. Cars require oil changes after every 20,000 miles in order to ensure the engine is operating at maximum efficiency. Air conditioning and heating systems in Conroe, TX should be tuned up at minimum once a year, to ensure they are operating without error and efficiently.   We rely heavily on these major appliances, and they are no small financial investments. We invest large amounts of money into our cooling and heating systems with the intention of keeping them for as long as possible. It is critical in order to protect your investment and get the most from your space’s heating and cooling system that you have routine maintenance performed on your unit. During a tune-up the HVAC technician looking at your unit will be able to catch small problems before they become major breakdowns.  By having your […]

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AC Tune Up in Conroe TX 1

AC Tune Up in Conroe TX

July 19, 2018

Air conditioners are complex and require much more attention than we typically give them. In the south, we use our air conditioners almost year round, to keep our homes and businesses a cool and comfortable temperature. These major appliances are not small financial investments, therefore we anticipate them lasting us for a decent amount of time and providing us with high quality performance. However, just like a car needing an oil change, our air conditioning units also require attention and maintenance in order to provide us with the cooling comfort we have come to expect from them.   At Autumn Mechanical, we know exactly what it takes to get the highest efficiency and longest lifespan out of your home’s air conditioning unit! We recommend having an air conditioning tune up performed at a minimum once a year to ensure it is operating smoothly.   By having your air conditioner serviced with a tune up, you are giving our technicians a chance to catch any potential problems with your unit before they become a full blown breakdown, Additionally, whenever we perform this maintenance we also can increase your efficiency by getting all of the pieces back to perfect condition. This can reflect positively in your electricity bill! If your unit is not running at its highest efficiency then you will be using more energy to get the same results.   Improved air quality is another big factor in having an air conditioning tune up performed. This is because our technicians will clean and clear out your air conditioning unit. Removing any trapped dust, debris, or grime. Instead of breathing all of these potentially harmful materials in, let Autumn Mechanical clean out your system and give you an improved quality of life, with improved air quality.   Air Conditioning Maintenance in Conroe […]

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Best Air Conditioning Service Repair in Conroe TX 1

Best Air Conditioning Service Repair in Conroe TX

March 23, 2018

Autumn Mechanical has over 30 years of experience, providing air conditioning and heating services to the Greater Houston area, including Conroe, TX. Over the last three decades we have perfected our customer service interactions and have collected a wealth of knowledge from our diverse experiences, making us the best choice for air conditioning service repair in Conroe, TX. Let Autumn Mechanical help keep your home or business a comfortable temperature year round!   Air Conditioning Installation in Conroe TX Whenever you are building a new space, whether it be a residence or commercial business in the Houston area, one thing cannot be compromised…that’s air conditioning! With temperatures beginning to soar in the springtime, Houston is a city with high demands out of its air conditioning systems. This makes selecting an air conditioning unit that can meet the demands of your space especially important. You want to protect your investment by selecting an air conditioner that has the ability to last in your space, while efficiently providing you with cooling comfort. Autumn Mechanical can help evaluate your needs to ensure you make the best selection for your home or business!   Air Conditioning Tune Up in Conroe TX It is vital to the health of your air conditioner to receive regular maintenance in the form of an air conditioning tune up. Regular tune ups can save you from high dollar repairs in the future. This is due to the ability to catch problems your air conditioning unit may be experiencing early, before they have had time to progress to expensive or serious issues. Additionally, air conditioning tune ups are helpful because they ensure your unit is functioning as efficiently as possible. AC tune ups will have a positive effect on your energy bill as well as improve the lifespan and health […]

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hvac services conroe tx 1

HVAC Services Conroe TX

February 15, 2018

HVAC services in Conroe TX have expanded over the years. Customers are surprised to know there are companies serving Conroe TX that can accommodate any HVAC Service need.  The services are usually, installation and repair of ventilation, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. Essentially, HVAC services provide new installation and repairs on any systems that control the air quality in all types of buildings and transportation vehicles. By providing these HVAC services, companies make it possible to systems make it possible to store and transport food, medicine, and other perishable items.  HVAC service technicians are highly skilled.  Companies in the Conroe area have found with a local technical school in area.  HVAC technicians have the best education and training to meet the needs of customers. Some of the best HVAC Service companies are in the Conroe area.     Residential and Commercial HVAC Service Conroe TX  Residential and Commercial HVAC Service companies in Conroe TX cover the needs of homes and local businesses of the area. They’re working on systems that provide heating, cooling and refrigeration. Some companies specialize in certain types of HVAC equipment, such as water-based heating systems, solar panels, or commercial refrigeration. The standard of work in both Residential and Commercial HVAC Service is the ability to work on all Heating and air conditioning systems that control the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality in all environments and practices that involve air system control.  The best residential and commercial HVAC service companies in Conroe TX cover every aspect of the service.     Best HVAC Services Conroe TX   The best HVAC service companies in Conroe typically provide commercial and residential services.  Their technicians typically an array HVAC services such as the following:   Inspect and maintain HVAC systems  Test equipment for status or failure  Air conditioning and heating replacement and installation  Repair […]

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