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Autumn Mechanical provides top quality repair, installation, and maintenance of Air conditioning and furnace products for Champion Forest Houston.  Our technicians can work on all brands and fix your hardest HVAC problems quickly.   We’re experts in high efficiency air conditioning systems if you are in need of a replacement.  We offer Trane and other brand equipment reaching efficiencies in excess of 16 SEER.

We understand that in Champion Forest Houston most customers are looking for FRIENDLY CONVENIENT SERVICE, QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP, at AFFORDABLE RATES.  Autumn Mechanical can offer all of these.


When summer arrives in Champion Forest Houston, a central air conditioning system provides the best relief from rising outdoor temperatures and humidity. A properly designed and installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Champion Forest Houston technicians at Autumn Mechanical can add many years of quiet, economical comfort and also help increase indoor air quality.

Homeowners with an A/C unit that is over eight years old might benefit from upgrading to a new energy-efficient model. In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioner installed from the 90s with a new SEER system installed by the Air Conditioning Installation Champion Forest Houston specialists can save up to 30 percent on annual tune-up costs.


A professional Air Conditioning Replacement Champion Forest Houston service always begins with proper system design. This includes running load calculations on the living area along with sub-domains to determine the right capacity requirements for the A/C unit. Poorly designed AC systems might not adequately cool every area of the building, and some rooms can remain hot and humid even while the system is operating. For this reason, contractors who do not run complete AC load calculations should be avoided.

The replacement of a well-designed air distribution system is also a critical component in a fully optimized system. The Air Conditioning Replacement Champion Forest Houston technicians at Autumn Mechanical understand this.


When it comes to offering our customers the best AC Tune Up Champion Forest Houston service, we don’t stop there. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Autumn Mechanical and become a member, your Fixed Right limited parts and labor warranty on all repairs HVAC System Tune-Up promise.

Backed by the integrity of the AC Tune Up Champion Forest Houston company of expert heating and air conditioning repairs and services, Autumn Mechanical has been in business since 1983.

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Each team member has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and refrigeration. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team is comprised of some of the brightest and passionate people in the industry. – Autumn Mechanical



It is located near Farm to Market Road 1960 and Texas State Highway 249 next to Willowbrook. Bill Murphy of the Houston Chronicle described the neighborhood as “affluent”. On its website the homeowners’ association states that the neighborhood is often referred to as the “River Oaks of the north”. A subdivision newsletter described the neighborhood as the “River Oaks of the  ….

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Are Air Conditioners Bad For You

Are Air Conditioners Bad For You?

May 26, 2020

Nobody likes being in a space without reliable air conditioning, but in a state like Texas, functional air conditioning is more than just a matter of comfort. The high temperatures of spring and summer can actually be dangerous for your health and lead to damages for your home or business. While people of all ages are at risk for developing heat stroke, seniors and those with preexisting conditions have an increased risk of experiencing health related issues due to the heat.   Many people have concerns about the health effects that may come from being in air conditioned environments. They wonder if the health benefits and comfort outweigh the potential risk of your AC. If you are wondering if air conditioners are bad for you, the simple answer is no. Whenever an air conditioning system is properly taken care of, it will provide you with cooling comfort and very little risk. Enjoy the climate control of your air conditioner and remember to stay on top of routine maintenance and cleaning to keep the quality of your air healthy and clean.   Listed below are some of the health benefits of having air conditioning in your home or business:   Heat Stroke: Air conditioning provides an escape from blistering outdoor temperatures during warm seasons. In Texas, we experience long hot seasons, with temperatures getting up into the 90s and higher. This type of heat can be harmful to people of all ages but especially children and seniors. If you are unable to get consistent cooling comfort in your home or business, contact the HVAC professionals at Autumn Mechanical in Champion Forest today. Our team of air conditioning experts will help to quickly diagnose the problem with your HVAC system and provide you with the best solution for your specific needs.   […]

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Are Air Conditioning Units Eligible For Bonus Depreciation

Are Air Conditioning Units Eligible For Bonus Depreciation?

May 25, 2020

What Is Bonus Depreciation? In some cases, the IRS extends tax incentives to businesses in order to help promote positive revenue growth for the company. Bonus depreciation, also known as the additional first year depreciation deduction, is a specific tax incentive that gives companies the ability to immediately deduct a high percentage of the overall purchase price of certain eligible products that they deem assets. This includes some machinery and in your space, being deducted instead of writing them off over the “useful life” of the asset.   How Bonus Depreciation Works Whenever a business makes a major purchase of equipment, the cost of the equipment is most often spread out for the useful life of this equipment, when filing your business taxes. This process is known as depreciation, to help business owners have an accurate estimate of profits and losses. Bone depreciation comes at the beginning of the equipment’s lifespan, offering the largest deduction up front.   Does My Commercial HVAC System Qualify For Bonus Depreciation? Taxes can be complicated, especially for businesses trying to determine what deductions and write-offs they qualify for. A common question many business owners have is, “Does my commercial HVAC system qualify for bonus depreciation?” The simple answer to this question is no, HVAC systems do not qualify for bonus depreciation. However, air conditioning and heating systems do qualify as section 179 equipment. If you have any questions or concerns about if you are filing your commercial taxes properly, working with a tax agent may be your best option to ensure you are getting the most return.   What Is A Section 179 Deduction? According to the IRS’s website: “The Section 179 deduction applies to tangible personal property such as machinery and equipment purchased for use in a trade or business, and if the […]

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AC Repair in Champion Forest TX 1

AC Repair in Champion Forest TX

September 29, 2018

Are you looking for reliable and affordable air conditioning repair services in Champion Forest, TX? Whether it is for a commercial or residential property, Autumn Mechanical is here for you! We have worked hard over the last 30 years to provide the communities of Houston with the best air conditioning services.   We know for all families, especially those living on a budget, that air conditioning needs are sometimes put on the backburner in order to prioritize expenses. Did you know that having your air conditioner serviced can actually save you money in the long run? By having you air conditioner regularly looked at and serviced, we are able to preserve your system and keep it running efficiently longer!   Unfortunately, on many occasions homeowners do not notice there is an issue with their air conditioning unit until it suffers a total breakdown. In order to avoid making this expensive mistake, use the list below to identify if there is an issue with your home’s air conditioning system.   Is You Air Getting As Cool As It Used To? This can be one of the tell-tale signs that there is an issue with your air conditioning unit. Whether you begin to notice that your AC unit is taking longer to reach the temperature you set it to, or you cannot reach the temperature at all, this is a sign of a problem. Do not put your repair service off, this will give the problem a chance to get worse. Instead of waiting, contact Autumn Mechanical today! We will help you salvage your air conditioning unit and repair it so that you can return to cool comfort!   Is The Air Flow From Your Unit Weak? Weak air flow is typically an indication that your air conditioning unit is experiencing an […]

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The Advantages of an AC Tune Up in Champion Forest Houston 1

The Advantages of an AC Tune-Up Champion Forest Houston

July 2, 2018

Air conditioning units, especially those that are required to run through the sweltering, Houston, summer months, are working overtime to keep your space cool. This means we need our air conditioning units operating at optimum efficiency in order to keep them from breaking down or running into problems.   Listed below, are a the top advantages to having an Air Conditioning tune-up with Autumn Mechanical this summer:   Drop Cooling Costs: Like stated above, Houston summers are no joke! The heat can be so extreme that it is actually dangerous to not have an air conditioning unit for some people. Whenever you have an air conditioning unit that is not performing for you the way you need, this problem becomes exaggerated by the costs to run an air conditioner harder and longer than should be necessary for the same results.   Comfort: The entire reason we install these giant appliances in our home, it to maintain comfort indoors, even with the weather outdoors is less than favorable! If your unit is not living up to your expectations or needs, contact Autumn Mechanical!   Reduce Breakdown Risks: Having your air conditioning unit tuned up is a great way to catch small problems early on before they have the chance to turn into big problems, that may end up costing you way more! A tune-up from the technicians at Autumn Mechanical includes a full inspection, meaning we have a chance to identify and fix any problems we find on the spot!   Less Expensive Repairs: If you do end up needing repairs after having your unit regularly serviced, chances are they will not be as expensive as they would be if you did not get your tune-ups. This is because during tune-ups we address all the major functions of your AC and […]

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