Should I Upgrade to a Zoned HVAC System?

Should I Upgrade to a Zoned HVAC System

Are you considering updating your home or business with a zoned HVAC system to increase the climate control you have in your space? Our team can help you. We work with home and business owners to get them the best HVAC system for their space so they can get the best climate control without breaking their budgets. Read below to see what Trane has to say about AC zoning systems.

When does AC zoning make sense?

If you have a multi-level home

Because heat rises, it can often feel hotter upstairs than downstairs in a multi-level home. Few people enjoy sleeping when it’s hot, but it’s even worse to get out of bed when your home is freezing. If you have a multi-level home that experiences temperature fluctuations, investing in a zoned system is a troubleshooting solution that will allow you to set different temperatures for the upstairs and downstairs portions of your home, instead of attempting to control both levels with one thermostat.

If you have a home with high ceilings

If your home has tall ceilings, oftentimes heat rises and gets trapped all the way at the top, leaving you shivering at the ground level. A zoned HVAC system allows you to fix this problem by raising the room’s temperature more frequently, so heat can circulate more, making the room warmer overall. Creating a separate zone in a room with high ceilings means the temperature there can be comfortable, without making it too warm elsewhere in your home.

If your home has picture windows, bay windows or large glass windows

Sunlight can play a huge role in setting the temperature of a room. If you have any kind of large window, like picture windows, bay windows, or floor to ceiling windows, an increased amount of sunlight is likely entering the room and raising the temperature. AC zoning allows you to make rooms with many windows their own zone, so you can lower the temperature in that space without having to change the temperature in the entire house.

If rooms in your home are always at different temperatures

If none of these conditions necessarily apply to your home, but your home still seems to be a different temperature throughout each room, a zoned HVAC system might be right for you. There are hundreds of reasons why your home could have different temperatures throughout, and controlling each room with only one thermostat isn’t going to fix the problem. Investing in a zoned HVAC system will let you keep a consistent temperature throughout your home, or to change the temperature in each room to anything you desire.

Benefits of AC zoning

Increased energy savings

When you have one central thermostat controlling your entire home, every time you feel like it’s too hot or cold in just one room, you need to change the temperature in your entire home. Heating and cooling your entire home requires more energy and time (even if you’ve invested in highly rated SEER products), which can mean a bigger energy bill for you.

With a zoned HVAC system, if you want to change the temperature in just one room or floor, you can do that. The system won’t release heated or cooled air anywhere but that one zone, which means it’s using less energy and saving you money.

Extra control and comfort in your home

Multiple thermostats means more control of the temperature and your overall comfort in your home. An HVAC zoning system makes each room the ideal temperature based on your individual preferences, so you don’t have to settle for just one temperature throughout your home. If there’s multiple people living in one home, zoned HVAC will even let each person control the temperature in their own bedroom or living space, so everyone is satisfied.

Better air quality

While the air flowing through an HVAC system is filtered, sometimes particles like lint, dust, pollen, or pet dander can escape through the filters and back into your home. The HVAC zoning dampers that control a zoned HVAC system make sure air is only diverted to the zone it’s intended for. This helps keep unwanted dirt and debris that escaped the filtration system from circulating throughout the entire house every time the HVAC system is turned on.

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