4 Signs That It Is Time to Call a Plumber

4 Signs That It Is Time to Call a Plumber

Plumbing problems do not just disappear on their own, in fact, the longer you wait to deal with them, the more serious your plumbing issues will become. It is important to know the warning signs of and when to call a professional plumber to avoid bigger issues with your plumbing system. In this article we will explore 4 signs that it is time to call a plumber.

Water Pressure: Low water pressure or the complete absence of water coming from your appliances and faucets is a major sign you should call a plumber. Not only is it impossible to run a hygienic household or business without running water, it also can be unsafe. Low water pressure may also be an indication of a cracked or broken pipe that is leaking the water that should be flowing through your plumbing system. Leaks like this can cause water damage behind your walls, under your floors, and throughout your ceiling. At the first sign of a water pressure issue in your home or business, reach out to the team at Autumn Mechanical.

Gas Leak: Gas leaks are nothing to drag your feet about. If you have any reason, at all, to believe there is a gas leak in your home or business, immediately reach out to your gas supply company. They will be able to stop the gas that is flowing into your home, so that you can safely work with a plumber to locate and correct the gas leak in your space. This is one of the most severe plumbing emergencies and requires an experienced, licensed, and insured plumber in order to safely correct. Keep carbon monoxide detectors charged and on in your space to reduce the risks of gas safety issues in your space.

Slow or Obstructed Drainage: One of the most common and difficult plumbing issues we all face from time to time is clogs in our drains. This may be in your kitchen sink, your shower, or even in an outdoor drain. If you have tried to unclog the drain using a plunger and it persists, or if you have recurring issues with the same drains in your home, reach out to one of the professional plumbers at Autumn Mechanical. Our plumbers have specialized equipment that allows us to navigate the delicate pathways of your plumbing, removing obstructions that may be leading to your standing water or slow drainage. Repeat clogging can be the sign of a more serious problem, so do not put off having your plumbing inspected.

Backflow: If you have ever flushed a toilet or drained a sink or tub, then had the waste water rise back through your plumbing, this is backflow. Backflow is not only extremely annoying to deal with, it is also unhygienic and can create unsafe spaces in your home. Make sure you speak with a professional plumber immediately to avoid this problem.

Services a Plumber Offers

Plumbers install and maintain numerous types of piping systems found in residential and commercial properties. Typical responsibilities of a plumber depend on the particular project. All plumbers must follow blueprints, work with plumbing tools, have strong math skills and know what kinds of materials are required for each job. Fixing drains and toilets are only a portion of a plumber’s job. Here are some services that plumbers offer:

  • Sewer/water line replacement
  • Pipe repair and replacement
  • Dishwasher, washer and dryer installations
  • Drain cleaning
  • Garbage disposal services
  • Water heater repair services
  • Sewer/septic repair
  • Installation, inspection and replacement of fixtures


Affordable Plumbing Services Near Me

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