Prepare Your Heater For Cold Weather Houston

Prepare Your Heater For Cold Weather Houston

After a long Houston summer, relying heavily on your air conditioner, your heater may be a little bit out of practice this fall. Just like an athlete preparing their body for physically demanding work, your residential or commercial HVAC unit will need time to warm up before it is expected to be continuously relied on to heat your space. Whenever you take the time and make efforts to keep your heating system in good shape, you increase the lifespan of your unit. If you notice your heating unit is dysfunctional or are concerned it may not be operating at maximum efficiency, contact Autumn Mechanical. We are the HVAC experts of Houston and are prepared to handle any issues you may face when your heater or furnace begins acting up.


Listed below are tips for how to prepare your residential or commercial space’s heating system for the cold weather ahead:


Replace Your Air Filter: The easiest and quickest way to make a positive change in your space’s HVAC efficiency is often overlooked. By making a change as simple as replacing your air filter, you can save energy and lower your electric bill at the same. Additionally, for those suffering from allergies or other respiratory issues, replacing your air filter may help to reduce your symptoms by improving your air quality. A general rule of thumb is to replace you air filter seasonally. It can be especially good to replace your air filter before cold weather to avoid warming up dust and other particles that can be hazardous.


Monitor Your Thermostat: Whenever you have a battery powered thermostat, you should change your batteries out before they run low. This is because your thermostat plays a critical role in controlling the climate of your space. If you rely on a digital thermostat, reprogramming and restarting it periodically can help to keep it updated and operating efficiently. If you are relying on a mercury based thermostat, this is outdated and may be costing your more money than you realize.


Clean Air Ducts and Vents: Your HVAC system depends heavily on the air ducts and vents in your space to perform its task of controlling your space’s temperature. Any damage to your air ducts, such as dents, punctures, cracks, or disconnected or obstructed vents can prevent the air flow from flowing through your space. Whenever the air flow is obstructed, you will notice a lack of efficiency in your unit which results in longer running heating times and higher energy bills.

If you encounter damage within your home or business HVAC system, contact Autumn Mechanical today. When you are looking for affordable air conditioning services, from professionals you can trust, we are here for you. Autumn Mechanical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including Atascocita, Briarpark, Champion Forest, Conroe, Klein, Magnolia,  Midtown, Oak Ridge North, Sugar Land, Cypress, Pearland, The West University Place, The Heights, Spring, Tomball, Willowbrook, Houston, Spring Branch and The Woodlands. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today to find out what we can do for your home or business.



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