Summer Cooling Tips for Your Home

Summer Cooling Tips for Your Home

Maintaining cool air in your home can be difficult, especially during the summer. Houston has hot summers with high humidity that force your air conditioning system to work in overdrive to eliminate warm air and help you feel cooler. This is especially true during the hottest part of the day.

There are certain things home and business owners can do to help keep their space comfortable without driving up their energy costs. Some tips to keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months include:

Bathroom Fans: Bathrooms breed humidity and can leak hot air into the rest of your home. One of the most effective and simple ways to keep your bathroom from causing the rest of your home to become overheated is by utilizing bathroom fans. They will help to circulate the air and decrease the humidity that can lead to uncomfortable conditions in your home.

Maintain Energy Efficiency: You will want to stay on top of your regular air conditioning maintenance in order to avoid having problems with your air conditioner. This maintenance will help you keep your home cool and preserve your units health in the long term. Whenever your AC is operating efficiently, you will be able to keep your home cool without running your bill up.

Fans Rotating Counter Clockwise: It is no secret that having fans running in your home can help to make your space cooler. Did you know the direction the fan blades spin can also have an impact on the effectiveness? In order to keep your space cool, you will want to have your fans rotating in a counter clockwise direction. This will help to circulate cold air and take the heat out of your space so your air conditioner does not have to work as hard.

Close Your Blinds: Having your blinds closed will help you to keep the intrusive summertime heat out of your space. You may be tempted to open your blinds to let the sun in, however this can lead to your space being several degrees higher. The higher the temperature inside your space is, the harder your air conditioner will have to work in order to maintain a comfortable level.

Change Your Air Filter: When your air conditioner is unable to operate efficiently this will lead to higher cost in your electric bill and less than desirable results from your AC. Keeping your unit efficient will mean less energy is utilized to provide cool air into your space.

It is important to change the air filter in your unit regularly, otherwise it will lead to strain on your air conditioning unit. This strain will make it difficult for cool air to circulate through your space and will also negatively impact your AC which can lead to premature issues and even a breakdown.


Air Conditioning Financing Options

When your AC fails to control the climate of your space you can be left with a new set of issues, all the way from warped wood to mold, your issue can become expensive quickly. At Autumn Mechanical, we offer our clients financing options that help them get the services they need when they need them. Take advantage of special financing options available with approved credit when you purchase qualifying Trane equipment through Wells Fargo. Financing is provided with approved credit by Wells Fargo National Bank, an equal housing lender. If you have any questions about the financing options we offer to the community of Conroe, contact us today!


Affordable AC Tune-Up in Houston, TX

With over 30 years of experience in the air conditioning and heating business, the team at Autumn Mechanical has built a trusted reputation throughout the communities of Houston. Whenever you are looking for high-quality air conditioning and heating services at an affordable price, we can help!

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