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Benefits of Fall AC Maintenance in Houston

Benefits of Fall AC Maintenance in Houston

Air Conditioning equipment should always be inspected, cleaned and serviced at least once a year.  However, experts say for optimum efficiency this should happened twice a year. Ideally, Fall and Spring.  Most homeowners have their AC systems checked in the spring. However, in the southern areas of Texas particularly, the Houston Areas, homeowners have found the extended high temperatures have fostered the need for biannual check-ups of Air Conditioning systems.  Bi annual check-ups (Fall and Spring) prepare your Air Conditioning Systems for the proceeding seasons, which are generally the harshest for heating and cooling systems.


Having your unit serviced in fall presets the service in preparation of winter and spring with summer. Most Air conditioning equipment whether electric or gas, hot or cold push air through the same systems throughout the year.  Air Conditioning systems generally have no relief throughout the seasons. In southern states, seasons of warm weather last much longer than the northern states.


With a fall service check-up, HVAC technicians provide a checklist of all the tasks to be performed just as during the spring check-up. HVAC technicians arrive with a long checkpoint list of service tasks to perform during the maintenance call.   Utilizing special equipment, technicians check for refrigerant leaks. They also perform other routine tasks, which include cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, place oil in motor parts and inspect the fan blower found inside the home. Belts that are used to keep the motor of blower circulating are checked for wear.   


Additionally, technicians check the thermostat for proper registration and identification of actual temperature. This is essential in any type of climate. If the thermostat does not work efficiently, more energy could be used. Ultimately increasing your energy bill. If needed, technicians will also recharge the refrigerant. Other routine tasks include cleaning both indoor and outdoor coils, oiling motor parts, inspecting the fan blower, testing the thermostat and replacing any worn belts. Fall is also the opportune time for technicians to troubleshoot and repair small issues before larger ones develop. 


Experts say, choosing to have your air conditioner checked prior to the winter shutdown and/or prior to spring re-crank is a personal decision.  However, most responsible homeowners understand the need to savor their investment versus experiencing costly repairs due to lack of maintenance. The important point is that homeowners enlist the help of an air conditioning professional who can provide a maintenance contract for very little investment. By having your AC system checked in the fall, your unit receives much needed cooling coil checks from the blistering summers of the Houston area where 100-degree temperatures last until mid September.  


Your refrigerant is replaced after high usage during the summer months. You will keep your unit operating efficiently and increase the lifespan of the unit up to 30 percent. It will also help you avoid frequent breakdowns and the need for costly repairs.


Fall is an ideal time to service in our area.  Unlike in the Northern States, We generally use our AC Systems throughout the year. Autumn Mechanical has licensed technicians to address any needs.   Protect your AC Systems from Houston’s sweltering summer in our extended months. Contact Autumn Mechanical for your Fall AC Check-up. Call 713-864-8368


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