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Why Your AC is Making That Noise in Houston

Why Your AC is Making That Noise

It is 2018, air conditioners are more efficient and quieter than they have ever been. At Autumn Mechanical, we want to keep it that way! If your air conditioning unit begins making loud or unusual noises while it is running, don’t ignore it. These noises could be an indication that your air conditioner is in need of a repair or an upgrade. Putting off repairs and tune ups can lead to higher end expenses.


These are the most common noises you may hear and what the cause of them may be:


  1. Loud Banging: Whenever you hear a loud or repetitive banging noise, it typically is an indicator that there is a loose or broken off piece in your unit. It could be anything from a connecting rod, piston pin, crankshaft or even a compressor replacement.


  1. Clanking: Clanking noises are also indicators that you may have a loose or out of place part. The parts inside your unit have likely experienced an issue, and your compressor may have shaken loose, possibly needing to be replaced. This sound can also mean that the indoor blower or outdoor fan in your air conditioning unit and its blades are out of balance and hitting other parts. Don’t ignore these problems because they will cost more later to correct.


  1. Clicking: Whenever your air conditioner makes clicking noises whenever you turn it on or off, this is the sign of a problem with your init. This could indicate a dysfunctional thermostat, or other problems.


  1. Buzzing Noises: Buzzing noises can indicated a wide range of issues from loose parts, an old air filter, loose fan blades, old condenser coils, debris within the unit, friction coming from the copper lines, refrigerant leaks, or many other things.


  1. Squealing: Whenever your unit starts making squeaks, squeals or other similar noises it is normally an indication of an issue with your blower or fan.


  1. Humming: Humming noises are somewhat normal. However, if your unit suddenly starts to make humming noises out of nowhere call us to come check on your unit. This could indicate a leak, loose parts, or dysfunctional movements.


Air Conditioning Repair in Houston

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