Prepare Your AC For Summer in Houston

Prepare Your AC For Summer in Houston

Air conditioning systems are a large investment, that is why it is so critical to protect your investment every way you can to preserve it for as long as possible. Not to mention, Houston summers are way too hot to go through without a fully functioning air conditioner.


Some maintenance you can do yourself to ensure you air conditioner is being maintained properly.


Clean or Replace Air Filters
This is an easy way you can help keep your air conditioner in solid condition. An air filter should be cleaned or replaced every other month, in order to keep your quality and flow at its best. Whenever your air filters become clogged you restrict your air flow which can do more than stop your home from properly cooling, It also has the potential to freeze the coils in your unit. Whenever your air flow is restricted it forces your air conditioning unit to work harder for longer than it should have to which uses more energy and can drive up your electricity bill.


The rest of the summer maintenance you should have done to your air conditioning unit would be better off left to the Houston air conditioning experts at Autumn Mechanical. We have decades of experience preparing AC’s for summer, below are some of the things we check for in an air conditioning tune up.


Ductwork Maintenance Houston

Your ductwork plays an important role in helping transfer the air throughout your space. If you have a leak, or an unclean pathway this can affect your air conditioners ability to efficiently cool down your space. We will ensure during our tune up that your ductwork is in good condition for the hot summer months ahead.


Condenser and Coils Maintenance Houston

At Autumn Mechanical our summertime maintenance includes cleaning out the coils and condenser. We prefer to do this before you turn your unit on the first time of the year, but in Houston we know you have probably kept your unit running most of the year. Whenever you have buildup on the condenser it can greatly inhibit the flow of air and transfer of heat, limiting your AC’s performance and potentially causes problems.

AC Maintenance Houston

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