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Why Do I Need Preventive Maintenance

Why Do I Need Preventive Maintenance On My AC

It is no surprise to anyone that air conditioners are not cheap! Not only are they not cheap, they do not last forever, and unfortunately in a city as hot as Houston, they are a necessity in our day-to-day lives. So what do you do to protect your investment and ensure you are getting the most out of your air conditioning unit for years to come? Preventive maintenance! At Autumn Mechanical we try to stress to our clients that just because you have not had a breakdown or problem obvious enough to call us this does not mean your air conditioning unit is functioning at its highest ability.


Energy Efficiency

Annual to biannual preventative maintenance is recommended for all air conditioning units. This is because this maintenance ensures your air conditioning system is using energy more efficiently. This maintenance includes cleaning and checking levels within your unit. When your unit is running smoothly it will require less energy to produce the same cool air and will cost you less money to operate.


Extends Life of Air Conditioning Unit

Having regular maintenance performed on your unit will help to ensure your unit will have a longer and healthier lifespan. This is because the trusted Houston, air conditioning technicians at Autumn Mechanical are exploring the inside of your unit and catching problems as the begin instead of once they have left a trail of expensive damages behind them.


Air Quality

Throughout the year as you use your air conditioning unit, you will notice a collection of dirt and debris building inside of your air conditioning unit. These particles then pose a threat to the quality of air being released into your home. Routine maintenance helps to eliminate any harmful materials from making their way into your home.


Fewer Repairs

Having regular maintenance performed decreases your risk of having a serious problem in the future. This is because your technician will be able to identify potential problems ahead of time, ensuring you get the most out of your unit.


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