Is My AC Overdue For Maintenance?

Is My AC Overdue For Maintenance?

Most air conditioning systems are reliable and can last upwards of a decade whenever they are properly taken care of. However, the biggest mistake home and business owners make with their HVAC systems is failing to stay on top of routine maintenance. Your central air conditioning and heating system will require routine tune ups in order to function at peak efficiency. Failing to do this can cost your comfort and budget. Listed below are some signs to look out for that may indicate your unit is overdue for maintenance:


Sudden Increase in Electric Bill: If your energy bill suddenly goes up in price, and not just due to a seasonal change, this may be a sign that there is an issue with your air conditioning system. It may be a simple fix, such as that your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant, or that you need to replace the air filter in your space, however sometimes it may be an indication of a more serious problem with your air conditioning system. Call the AC experts in Houston at Autumn Mechanical to quickly correct the problem with your unit. 


Unusual Odors or Sounds: If you suddenly detect a new odor or sound coming from your air conditioning system, this typically is an indication of a change in the way your AC is operating. It may be due to a defective bearing in your blower motor, or something else. Have you noticed a burning smell? Was it just when you initially turned your heat on, or was it a continued smell that made its way throughout your space? A recurring burning smell will need professional attention right away. This may be due to an object or debris located near your auxiliary heating system. If you notice a musty smell, you may have an issue with the efficiency of your unit’s draining system. When moisture collects and cannot properly be removed, you can be left with the build up of mold or mildew in your duct system.


Decreased Cooling Performance: If you notice your air conditioning system is failing to get as cool as it once did, or is taking an extended period of time to give you the cooling comfort you desire, this may be an indication of a dysfunctional thermostat, defective control board, or dirty coils. The professional HVAC team at Autumn Mechanical can help you quickly determine what the issue with your system is, in order to restore your cooling comfort as soon as possible. 


Inconsistent Temperatures: Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home or business may be due to a variety of different issues. Potentially, you may have gaps in your ductwork, or a portion of your duct system may be obstructed. It is also possible that the size of your HVAC system or your duct system is not adequate for your space. Additionally, uneven temperatures may also just be the result of improper insulation in your space. Whatever the issue is, our team can help you get the most consistent temperature in your home or business. 


Humidity is High: If the humidity level in your home or business is higher than usual, your AC system may not be able to properly function the excessive moisture in the air because it is kicking off too quickly. This issue may be because your air conditioning system is too large for your space, however, this may also just be an indication that you have a faulty thermostat that is interfering with your AC completing a cooling cycle. Another reason that your humidity levels may be high is that you have an inadequate ventilation system, which can lead to other issues as well. 


From minor issues to major repairs, the team at Autumn Mechanical in Houston can help you. Our team recommends annual maintenance on your HVAC system in order to properly preserve your system, to give you the longest lifespan possible, with the least amount of repair issues. Schedule an appointment with our team today for the best AC services in Houston.


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