How Can I Reduce My Electric Bill This Summer?

How Can I Reduce My Electric Bill This Summer

Living in a city as hot and humid as Houston tends to lead to excessive air conditioning use. Running your air conditioning unit all day may be the only way to keep your residential or commercial space comfortable, but it can also cost you big time!

It’s no surprise that Houstonians commonly complain about the outrageous prices they have to pay each summer to cool there space, but is there anything that can be done to help reduce these outrageous costs?

Luckily, there are some steps home and business owners can take to lower the cost of their electric bill!


According to the Department of Energy:

You can save money on your heating and cooling bills by simply resetting your thermostat when you are asleep or away from home. You can do this automatically without sacrificing comfort by installing an automatic setback or programmable thermostat.

Using a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the times you turn on the heating or air-conditioning according to a pre-set schedule. Programmable thermostats can store and repeat multiple daily settings (six or more temperature settings a day) that you can manually override without affecting the rest of the daily or weekly program.


Reduce Your Energy Bill With Annual Maintenance

Cool air is a must when it comes to battle the summer heat! However keeping your utility bills low while achieving the climate control you desire can be difficult. One of the best ways to fight energy costs is by staying on top of your annual maintenance.

Annual air conditioning tune-ups helps to keep your AC operating in an energy efficient manner to keep cold air available in your space without breaking your budget during the upcoming summer months.


How Do My Air Filters Impact The Energy Efficiency Of My AC?

When your air conditioner is unable to operate efficiently this will lead to higher cost in your electric bill and less than desirable results from your AC. Keeping your unit efficient will mean less energy is utilized to provide cool air into your space.

It is important to change the air filter in your unit regularly, otherwise it will lead to strain on your air conditioning unit. This strain will make it difficult for cool air to circulate through your space and will also negatively impact your AC which can lead to breakdowns.


How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

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Knowing when to change your home air filter can be a little bit tricky for a number of reasons. Every home is slightly different in its makeup which can alter the answer to this commonly asked question. Even the air filter you purchase can play a role in how often you need to replace this essential piece of equipment. While the answer may vary from home to home, it’s crucial that you learn exactly what your home needs in order to function properly.

A good rule of thumb is to change your air filter every ninety days. That means that you should be replacing your air filter with a fresh and clean version at least once a quarter. However, that rule of thumb may not be the safest option if you have pets, allergies, or even a vacation home.


How Do Pets Affect Your Air Filter?

Pets can certainly complicate the matter of how often you need to change your home air filter. Adding a cat or dog into the mix produces more pet dander, dust, and fur that floats through the air of your home. All of these items come together to clog up the air flow in your filter. This is why experts recommend replacing your filter much sooner if you have a pet in the house. When Fido is a bonafide member of the family, you should consider replacing your air filter at least every sixty days.

What about those animal lovers who have multiple pets? The onslaught of dander, dust, and fur can certainly keep your HVAC system from running smoothly. Homeowners with more than one cat or dog should really be replacing their air filter every thirty days like clockwork.


Affordable AC Tune-Up in Houston, TX

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