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Air Conditioning Tune Up

Air Conditioning Tune Up

We all know how hot and humid the summers here in Houston, Texas can get, so having your air conditioner unit breaking down in the middle of July is a true nightmare.  Not only is your AC no longer providing that nice, cool air, but you also more than likely cannot get an appointment scheduled until a couple weeks or more out.


The summertime for HVAC specialists, like Autumn Mechanical, is like Christmas time for retail stores, it is the absolute busiest time.  Lucky for you, there is a way to help potentially prevent a mid-summer breakdown.


During the early springtime months, call your local and trusted professional to schedule your AC tune-up or better known as preventative maintenance.  This entire process will help keep your system tuned up as well as potentially prevent any repair issues that could happen due to neglect.


There are many reasons why it is important to have your AC unit maintenance regularly, usually once to twice a year.  One of the big ones is to keep your warranty from becoming void.


Another reason is to help save you money down the road.  Paying a small amount compared to potentially hundreds to thousands to repair an issue that could have been avoided is definitely better.


After that reason comes the reason of getting the most out of your AC system.  This means getting its full potential when it comes to its lifespan and efficiency.  If it is not properly maintained, then there are chances of it operating inefficiently as well as reduce its lifespan.


Your next question is exactly all will the professional do during this preventative maintenance?  This is what you should expect:

To have your thermostat fully calibrated to verify that it functioning properly.


  • A nice, deep cleaning of your condenser coils.  This helps increase the efficiency, which is what affects your energy costs.  This will also help reduce the wear and tear that happens running your AC.
  • Making sure that all electrical connections are tightened and inspected to all safety standards.
  • Evaluate the coolant or refrigerant’s levels so that your AC system is operating at fully potential.  Also making sure that all rotating and moving parts are properly lubricated so that they run nice and smooth which prevents and friction and wear that helps prevent an increase in energy costs.
  • Make sure that the blower motor is functioning properly as well as make sure that the blower belt is in best condition.
  • Fully inspect all ductwork and make sure there is nothing that can create a loss of energy.


This is to help you better understand how important scheduling the tune-up is.  It mainly consists of making sure that there are no apparent issues or potential issues that can happen over the summer.  Also give the system a thorough cleaning that can accumulate during the wintertime months.


All of this is to help maintain the efficiency and to give you the full life of your air conditioner.  To neglect having this maintenance done can cause expensive repairs or even possibly the need to replace your entire unit.


If your air conditioning system is not operating correctly or is in need of its annual maintenance to prevent potential issues, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.  Do not be strand in the blasting heat of Houston, Texas summer without a cool home.


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