When To Call AC Repair

When To Call AC Repair

At one time or another everyone has had to call up their trusted HVAC contractor to come out and see if they need air conditioning repair done to their unit.  This is especially expected in Houston, Texas with how hard our hot and humid summers can work our AC units.  So it definitely is best to become familiar with your AC system and know when a professional need to be called out for AC repair.


The absolute best way to avoid needing to have your AC repaired is by making sure that you keep up on the maintenance.  Making sure that you change out your air filters regularly and that nothing is blocking both the outdoor unit as well as any vents and registers in your house will help.


The most important thing is to make sure that you schedule the annual preventative maintenance, which is also known as your AC tune-up.  This ensures that your entire AC system is functioning to its full potential as well as makes sure that there are no potential issues that can happen down the road.  The HVAC contractor will also make sure that your entire system is nicely cleaned and well lubricated.


Though it is always best to make sure that you do not put off any potential issues that happen with you AC as it could cause further problems or damage, it is best to check these few things first to make sure it is not a more simply problem.


Check your thermostat, make sure that it set to the right temperature and that it has been switch from heat to cool.  This may sound very stupid and simple, but it has been known to happen and can end up saving you some money not having a professional come out just to tell you it was your thermostat.


Check the drainage to make sure that there are no clogs.  If there is a small pool of water that is around or under your air conditioner, it could mean that you have a clogged drain.  If you are able to see the blockage, you can easily just clean it out and this should solve the problem.


Make sure that your air filter is not dirty and needs cleaned or changed.  It is best to have this done about a month or so, this will prevent any air disruption or further problems from happening.


Making sure that nothing is blocking your outdoor unit such as dirt, debris, glass clippings, or more.  These can cause air disruptions and potential more issues or damage to your unit.  Also having shrubs or bushes too close to your unit can do the same.


If you have checked all of these off the list and you are still having issues with your air conditioning unit then now is the time to called your trusted HVAC contractor and schedule an appointment to come out and troubleshoot your system to find out just what is wrong.


If your air conditioning system is not operating correctly or is in need of its annual maintenance to prevent potential issues, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.  Do not be strand in the blasting heat of Houston, Texas summer without a cool home.


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