Why Is My House Humid?

Why Is My House Humid?

For homeowners, living with excessive humidity is not comfortable or healthy. The higher the levels of humidity rise in your home the higher the risks become to your belongings and your health, making it important to address the humidity levels in your home as soon as you recognize that there is an issue. Higher humidity and moisture levels pose threat to your property, including the structure, surfaces, and condition.


The excessive moisture that finds its way into your home is capable of damaging wood, paint, insulation, and siding. Additionally, warm and moist conditions lead to more allergens and pollutants such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. All of those things can lead to health problems that affect your lungs, even more so if you suffer from allergies, asthma, or have an existing respiratory problem. 


We rely on our air conditioning systems to help us monitor the amount of moisture coming into our homes and properly filtering the water vapor out, in order to leave us with a comfortable and safe climate indoors. 


Listed below are three of the main reasons you may be experiencing high levels of humidity in your home:


The Climate: It is no secret that Houston has high humidity levels, which factors into the levels of humidity that make it into your home. The higher the humidity outside of your home is, the more your air conditioning system will have to work in order to filter the moisture out in your air. If you have an older air conditioning unit, or one that has not been serviced at proper intervals, you may develop uncomfortably high levels of humidity in your space. Even when you have properly sealed windows and doors, the humid outside air will still find its way into your home, carrying the extra water vapor inside. Do not live in moist and sticky conditions, instead contact the professional air conditioning experts in Spring, TX at Autumn Mechanical today! Our team can help you to keep the humidity outside!


Your Home’s Foundation: Certain home structures are more susceptible to high levels of humidity because of the way they are built. Humidity lives in soil and can rise from the soil under your home and penetrate through your floors and walls. This is due to the condensation from the soil, you may notice a musty smell, or even begin seeing physical signs of moisture in your home such as watermarks, warped wood, and more. Prevent damage to your home and your belongings by working with the team at Autumn Mechanical in Spring, TX! We keep your air conditioning system working efficiently so that you can get the maximum benefit and enjoy the comfortable climate of your space. 


Bathroom & Kitchen: Anywhere that warm water is used in your home can quickly lead to an influx of moisture in your space if your air conditioning unit is not strong enough, large enough, or healthy enough to filter the water vapor from the air. Taking long hot showers, washing dishes in a small space, and even washing and drying your clothes can lead to increased levels of humidity that become trapped in your space. For some homeowners this humidity may take days to go away, which can do more than make their home uncomfortable to live in, it can also lead to serious damage. Not only can your belongings and the structure of your home become damaged from the moisture, but warm and wet conditions also lead to a higher risk of developing mold and mildew. This is a very serious problem because mold and mildew grows quickly, is difficult to remove, and can lead to adverse health problems for you and your family.  


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